Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Even at 64 there is still a little KID in me.

I need to work on the tree skirt, a T towel is not the best for the job. Maybe a quilt?

  Last night as I ate in the kitchen, with a fire in the fireplace, I got to thinking it would be nice to have a tree in there with me and Sissy. Before you know it, up to the attic, 2 boxes found, marked feather tree ornaments and I just unpacked them  and got started. It is a  6 foot feather tree also from the attic. Every year I long for a real tree, but every year there seems to be too many reasons not to. So, this will have to do. I had fun re-discovering ornaments from years past. There is corn on the cob, chickens, sheep,  fish and ducks, all very good for a Kitchen Christmas Tree.Sorry no lights, just the twinkle and glow from the overhead chandelier as it's light hits the ornaments and makes them all a glitter. I guess even at 64, we all still have a little child in us somewhere. I'm glad I put it up, will enjoy it through the season. It's when I am taking it down and packing all away, I will remember why I don't do a tree theses days. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Come visit me and Sissy Dog anytime. I will always leave a light on and she will always greet you with a kiss. Happy New year too!

I have enough Christmas ornaments to decorate the  White House. I have been collecting them since I was 12. I have not bought any in a few years, but who knows when that might change. In the mean time it is sure good to know they are in the attic when you want them.


Maria said...

Greetings, Oh Richard, how lovely. The tree is so colorful, I'm glad you didn't put lights on it because you can see the brightness of the ornaments just with the light that reflects on them. So lucky that Sissy doesn't get to them, I'm sure she wonders what all the fuss is about and you trotting around the house getting all the stuff out. Thank you for the wonderful things you do, for your postings and for the dreams if brings to us, I work all day and my entertainment is to stop during my breaks and visit your Blog. and I dream! Maria

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

oh my, what a fabulous kitchen. I have always wanted a kitchen with a fireplace and a rocking chair. :) Love your tree and all the color....charming! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Shelia said...

Shut up! 64? I'm 62 and I'm gonna stay a kid as long as I can! :)
Well, I love your little kitchen tree and your ornies are just adorable! But do you realize how fortunate you are to have a fireplace in the kitchen? I would love one. Merry Christmas to you too, Richard, and of course little Sissy!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Pamela Gordon said...

What a gorgeous tree. Just look at all your beautiful ornaments! Do enjoy it in your kitchen. I put an old quilt that has flour sack backing around the base of our tree every year. It's perfect! Have a wonderful Christmas Richard. Blessings, Pamela

Curtains in My Tree said...

So glad you got up in the attic to get your pretty ornaments down. Your kitchen is so fabulous and the tree makes it that more fabulous.
Your old fireplace makes it so so old fashion
I just love your house
So glad you and Sissy have such a cozy room
I need to get my red & white quilt out and put around my white tree,thanks for reminding me. Wish I lived closer so I could enjoy it with you two

Hugs to you and Sissy

Merry Christmas

Maria said...

Hi Richard, had to sign in again cause in my original comment I forgot to wish you and Sissy the warmest of wishes for a Grand and Happy Christmas. I know some people are not happy saying Christmas! but I am from the heart. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, old-fashioned tree. I'm glad you gave way to impulse and put up a kitchen tree. They are such fun! In the past, I have decorated kitchen trees with cookie cutters and ribbon, and butter pats. One year I sliced oranges very thin and dried them in the oven. Now I have a collection of blown-glass cake, pie, and cookie ornaments. Since I don't have an old-fashioned kitchen with fireplace, I have to put my little kitchen tree on the counter. Having it there makes cooking seem a little more festive somehow.

My view is that you should never grow too old for Christmas or decorating trees. They're too much fun! You're right that putting them away is kind of a blah chore, but it's still worth the trouble.

An old quilt would make a fine tree skirt. Or you could set the tree base inside an old crock or a metal bucket. Sometimes, I just drape a piece of white batting or felt around the base. Whatever works.

Merry, merry, merry Christmas to you and Sissy. Your ornament collection is lovely.


Bohemian said...

May the Child in you always remain Richard... growing up is after all Optional! *winks* Loving your Lovely Old Fashioned Christmas Tree. Give a hug to Sissy from us.

Dawn the Bohemian and the Bohemian Cat Boys

Bama Planter said...

Your house is a beauty as always! My friend from Denver finally visited his ancestral town of Louisiana, Missouri right before Christmas. He rode by your house about 9 PM and said it was quite a showplace. I fussed at him for not knocking on your door, but it was a bit late for a tour... Marshel

Beverly said...

I think it was a wonderful idea, Richard. And, it gave you smiles and sweet memories.

I wish you a new year filled with more smiles and peace.♥

Suzan said...

Lovely tree and so packed full or gorgeous ornaments. But I especially love your English Staffordshire figurines on your mantel!! Growing up - I worked in the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, Fla. and would admire the Staffordshire and Tiffany and Dresden and Gale and cut glass and all the beautiful antique pieces!! A very Happy New Years! said...

I love all of your ornaments-that is the kind of tree I like-a mixture! I collect the old ornaments, which are getting hard to find. I also try to buy a new one each year. I hope I am always able to have a tree, though IO think I might need to go smaller! Kiss Sissy and ya'll keep warm.

Unknown said...

Always nice to have the ability to pull a tree out when you want. Stayed with my god-children and their parents for Christmas this year and the mother whined it didn't feel like Christmas as they couldn't get to their tree. I went into my storage and pulled a 6.5' tree, 1400 lights, and about 150 ornaments for them to use. I also have a 9' and a 12' tree in storage along with over a thousand traditional glass ornaments - globes, indents, icicles, etc. in a wide range of colors, finishes and sizes.