Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's up with that?

 Well it is 19 degrees here in Missouri and I just walked Ms. Sissy Dog. We walked to the shop where it is not a lot warmer, the temperature says 44. I was closed yesterday and turned the heat off. it is going to take a few minutes to warm up, in the mean time I hope my cold, old, fingers will work,
    When I give tours at, My Old Historic House, I often have some one, usually a man, ask, "what's up with all the farm animal things here?" I guess I have a few, more than I realized till I started looking about and talking pictures for this blog. I'm not sure what gets us to collecting certain things? I am sure that we get ideals from other peoples collections, magazine articles and various other sources, like BLOGS. I grew up on a farm, around lots of real farm animals, and as an adult I have learned to love things with a farm animal theme. Lots and lots of us collect chickens. I am not sure if people even think about them being ,"farm animals." I raised chickens as a kid, they are a lot of work and we usually ended up eating them. But, to this day, I just love anything to do with a chicken. Statue, dishes, fabric,art and so on and so forth. Just about the same, I guess, goes for cows, sheep, pigs and goats. yes, I love me some pigs. They are about the dumbest animals on the farm, always in the mud, yet in art they are so darn cute.

I'm sure you remember my cow creamer collection?

   The fact is farm animals in art has been around since recorded time. We find paintings of them in caves, on costumes from the early American Indians and even in the tombs of Egypt's Kings and Queens. Animals have been the  favorite subject of many an artist paintings. We find them in needlework and carvings on our furniture.

I found these on Ebay.

This beautiful couple was made in Italy and they are larger than life size. They life on my kitchen island.

"Bessie" is in my kitchen. She is life size.

   I guess there are many different reasons why we like them, I really don't have a good one, but, I know I am crazy for them. I'd like to share some from, My Old Historic House, with you today. They range from  modest kitchen items to rare and fine porcelain. I wish you could come by someday and see them in person. I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a  jump and a kiss. Maybe you can be the next person to say,"what's up with this, all these farm animal things?"
   Stay warm, be safe and keep on Blogging. Don't forget to leave a comment, they make me happy and it will get you one in return.

I have a large collection of Mary Alice Hadley pottery, all with farm animal theme.

Staffordshire kids with a goat.

Early  Staffordshire cow creamer.

Staffordshire sheep, kitchen mantle

I got this hen many years ago from the Eddie Bower Home Store in St.Louis.

This little ring holder is very early,1845-1860-Old Paris 
This German Dresden piece is in my Up River Parlor. 

This was my favorite Christmas card this year, It was from my Niece, Linda.

This statue is in my shop and is for sale. It is very fine porcelain.Royal Copenhagen .I love the soft colors. Email me, cottrellprissy@aol   or call 573 242 9688 if you are interested.

This brown and white transferware plate is in my pantry/laundry room
Another brown and white transferware plate.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

How could anyon every forget your cow collection! It is awesome.

Your so good to walk Sissy girl, too much ice here...Greta is on her own!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

You had me at The American Woolen Mills sign, I love it! Oh, and pigs and roosters, too!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Fabulous collection Richard. Your creamers have been a favorite of mine since our first visit to your home.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I also love your farm animals

Richard you live with the most beautiful things

I love the goat ring holder and the life size chickens on your kitchen bar I loved them when I seen them in person

Hope you enjoyed your shopping yesterday with Nancy. What did you all buy?

Keep warm I have been freezing went to the movie last night with a friend and kept my coat and hat on through the entire movie

I am sure Sissy has a coat?

Bruce Barone said...

Great collection!!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Thats one lot of farm animals to clean.... Aren't you glad you don't have to feed them too? Happy winter... It's here...

Barbara F. said...

I have always enjoyed seeing your collectibles, Richard. The cow creamers are my favorite. I liked a cow creamer when I was in my teens and couldn't wait to buy one. Please stay warm, you and Sweet Sissie dog. 19 degrees, wow. xo

Marcia said...

We had chickens, too...real ones. And pigs (ask Stacy about the day a pig almost killed her), ducks, geese (which had names), sheep, goats (which I milked for a while), a jersey cow (again for milk and cream), plus dogs and cats. I'm probably forgetting something. Anyway, we had them before they became fashionable, but they were part of our farm family and we enjoyed them all. It's interesting that now chickens have come into fashion and people are raising them, even in the city!

Love your collection, and how you have them displayed. I'm sure your shop is full of lots of farm animal things to buy, too. I wish everyone in your blogland could meet you in person and shop in your shop...what a wonderful experience!

Kittie Howard said...

An amazing collection, Richard. The ring holder is precious. Keep warm in this weather.

Love Of Quilts said...

Great collection. I LIKE THE WHITE ROOSTER.

Babs said...

Your farm animals are so cute! LOVE, LOVE those Staffordshire sheep and the one with the goat.
Hope it warms up there. It's 60 deg. here and we're under tornado watch..whoop-ee. It's a crazy winter.

Butterbean Row said...

I love your collection, especially the Mary Hadley. I have quite a few pieces myself with the animals on them.
And your cow pitchers are just precious. Do you dust a lot? Ha!


Olive Cooper said...

Richard, the creamer collection is marvelous. You do have a vast collection and I say collect what you love. I like roosters and chickens too. My mom grew up on a farm and even when not on a farm seemed to have chickens and even a goat. She had mean roosters too. They are all earthy somewhat humble creatures that remind us of a more simple time when people worked hard but times were different. hugs, olive

Shirley said...

What a lovely collection of farm animals. This is my first time seeing your cow creamers and they are magnificent. I attend to a lady who live with her daughter on a working dairy farm and the dont have any of these..unless they are hiding somewhere..I'm happy that we are all hopeless when it comes collecting what we fancy. Have a warm weekend..

Dreamgoddess said...

Richard, I love your collection of cow creamers! I had never seen those before and I love how you have them displayed on the rack. The Dresden piece is gorgeous!

jeanetteann said...

Richard I really like the cow creamers. I have the blue and white one. I have seen a plain white,but not the others.
It's 37c hot here,just as uncomfortable as too cold,I think.

:) jeanetteann

Shelia said...

Hi Richard! Oh, I just love all of your animals around your old historic house! My favorites are, of course the Roosters, but I'm just falling in love with those darling little sheep!! I'll bet little Sissy dog was glad to get out, even in the cold, and stretch her tiny legs! ;)
Hope you got all warmed up!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pearl said...

Now that's a collection! My favorite are your cows too.

Sea Witch said...

What a delightful post. Crazy about the silhouettes and the creamer collection. I always love your posts. They are so joyful.

debchester said...

Please tell us the story behind Bessie sometime. I'm so curious about her.

Love the Staffordshire sheep!

The porcelain girl with goat is wonderful. Wish I could call you and say "Sold!" but I'm paying off a chestnut sideboard and must keep to my budget.

Stay warm,

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I LOVE Bessie. She is my favorite, Richard. I loved what I could see of the brick wall that she is on also.

Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz said...

I like your display rack for the cow creamers! That's a great look! I love "flying pigs" and my husband thinks I'm plain silly! He grew up on a dairy farm and they had a thing about not liking pigs! Oh well!
I love your statue that's for sale, I've got that in my head now!
You have a great collection !

mississippi artist said...

Oh my gosh I love the life size cow in your kitchen! And the girl with the goat on a rope and.... well you know I just like it all!

lvroftiques said...

Oh be still my heart! Another eye candy tour a plenty!...Richard that life size bull you have in your kitchen is one of my dream pieces. May I ask where you found it? And of course the lovely ladies with the cow is a swooner for me! Maybe one of these days you'll be willing to part with it again? And I'll actually have the cash?....It's a dream I know, but it could happen right? *winks* And of course you knew I'd love the goat girl... and I do! Not as much as the cow ladies...Does that say something about me?..I'd rather have a cow? Lol! Your cow creamers are also TDF! It's almost a little hard to take in over here sometimes because there's just so much I love!! I can't remember all the comments I wanted to make as I was readiing along kwim? (((HUGS)) and loves to you and that sweet Sissy Girl. Vanna

lvroftiques said...

Oops sorry poor Bessie...I thought she was a boy! Lol! Vanna