Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eagle Watching.

   Every winter in our little town, hundreds of people come from far and near to watch the American Bald Eagles.
Our town, Clarksville,Mo,. is on the river, and the eagles come to fish. We have counted as many as 600 in a weekend. They especially come when the rivers up North are frozen. Clarksville ,Lock and Dam number 24, usually keeps the water from freezing and the eagles can fish. There are beautiful to watch and we welcome everyone.
   The Bald Eagle was officially declared the National Emblem of the United States in 1782. The American Bald Eagles scientific name is, Haliocetus Leucophalus,which literally means, "white headed sea eagle."
  These majestic birds are the largest bird of prey found in North America. Females are slightly larger than males, reaching 15 pounds, standing 3 feet tall and spreading up to 8 feet in wingspan.The females lay 1 to 3 egss in March or April. A mated pair of eagles will return to the same nest and defend a territory around that next each spring. Both eagles take turns incubating the eggs for 34 to 40 days.
  Several eagles soaring together are called, "kettles." They are able to fly up to an altitude of 10,000 feet. Males and females have the same adult plumage with white heads and tales. The juveniles are solid black/brown in color.Sometimes living 30 years, a pair mates for life, taking another partner only if one dies.
   The bald eagle has excellant vision and on a clear day, they can see a fish from nearly 2 miles away. Once spotted, they use there razor sharp talons to catch their prey.
   Before 1995-the bald eagle was considered endangered, Now there are around 4,500 pairs and 20,000 total birds in the lower 48 states. The eagles usually come to our area in late November and can stay as long as March. The number of eagles we have and the length of there stay, depends on the weather. If it is cold and there is ice, there will be eagles.
    I love to set on my front porch and watch them. They fly, dive, fish and play. It is something to see one catch a fish and another comes and takes it out of there feet. They are excellent hunters and catch a fish before you have time to blind.

  On the last weekend of January we have Eagle Days.This two day event draws large crowds. Fires are build in the city park so people can warm themselves. Local churches and clubs sell and serve food. ham and beans are a favorite as well as fish sandwiches. It is a great time in our little town. It is always fun and exciting to welcome so many to our little part of the world. A lot of our visitors come from St.Louis, but we have had people as far away as Russia.
   I hope you could come for a visit during eagle days. I would be thrilled to give you a tour of the town and open, My Old Historic House, for a tour. I will leave the lights on, have hot coffee and Sissy Dog will always meet you with a jump and a kiss. Happy Eagle Watching, where ever you are.


Pamela Gordon said...

Richard, what a wonderful sight to see! I think it's great for your local economy to celebrate and host such an event as this with suppers etc. It would be wonderful to see. In Nova Scotia there is a town where Bald Eagles gather in winter and attract a lot of visitors as well. I also enjoyed your post on the old oil lamps. Pamela

Anonymous said...

Aren't the bald eagles wonderful birds? I love to watch the young ones learning to fly and hunt. One wrong bobble with those tail feathers and they can take an unexpected nose dive.

Just don't go swimming when the young birds are learning to fish. It's pretty scary for an eagle to dive right at your head!

I would love to see a big gathering of these magnificent birds. What a wonderful event for your town.


Marcia said...

Eagles in Clarksville is the very best part of winter. Eagle Days weekend is the one weekend we pray for cold, cold weather; that brings the eagles. They are so majestic; I am so glad they were named the national bird, instead of the wild turkey that Ben Franklin wanted!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I would love to see them. I worked with ladies who drove over to Clarksville every year to see the eagles.It was always a very cold day seemed like
Now I understand why they did this year after year and Clarksville is such a great little river town and to think you can set on your front porch and see all eagles

Tete said...

You photos on here are so amazing and what a wonderful festival to have in your town! Now that's some exciting bird watching for sure! Enjoy your days with the eagles and have a wonderful time with whoever pops in for a tour of your wonderful home!

BettyJean @ ShabbyTeaParty said...

Hi Richard, I live north of you in Illinois in a small river town. We've had eagles visiting here in recent years, but nowhere near 600!, OMGosh that would be so amazing. I was ecstatic when I once saw one swoop down and pluck a fish out of the water. Your festival sounds wonderful. Happy Eagle watching! Warm Hugs to you and Sissy dog,

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Wow Richard! That's an amazing story! I had no idea Eagles came together at one location like that! I didn't know a lot of the facts you shared- other than that they were in trouble and nearly extinct for a while (I believe due to DDT).
I've heard their nests can weigh hundreds of pounds! We get large hawks that soar through the air like Eagles.
I didn't know their vision was quite that sharp! Yikes!! Your invitation sounds great and I bet it's a great time in your town!

Sherri Farley said...

Awesome photos. I am a southern Missouri gal. I live in Taneyville, Mo, south from you. My Mother lives down the road in Forsyth, and Lake Taneycomo is just across the road. Last spring 2eagles nested in a tree visible from her front door. They raised 2 babies.....Eagles are awesome!!!!! But, we got no photos..what were we thinking????

outjunking said...

I am putting this on my to do list. You are so lucky to have a front porch view. I am going to Google this and seriously make some plans for next January.

xinex said...

What a wonderful sight to see. I only see eagles flying over our property once in a blue moon, never that many. I love how they fly....Christine

Olive said...

That is amazing Richard. We spy one on occasion in the country side here in Georgia. I have seen a lot of them that have been rescued at Dollywood.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

We like driving up to Alton and Grafton, to see the Eagles. And a little lunch at Pierre Marquette.
Funny thing, I told someone I took my MIL to see the Eagles and they thought I meant the rock group! said...

Wow that is amazing to have that many Eagles in one place!I once attended a talk given by a photographer of Eagles. Someone in the audience askes him how he knew they were eagles and not another bird-you don't realize how large they are from photos. He said he once walked up on onethat was on the ground and it was the size of a three year old child. I of course would faint if I saw a bird that big! LOL! Did you get the message about the Natchez Oil? Give Sissy a kiss and an extra blanket in this cold weather!

Deanna said...

Hi Richard,
Amazing creatures!

Beautiful to see these majestic birds.

Barbara F. said...

Clarksville is a very interesting town. I never knew about the eagles gathering there. The eagle is a very magnificent bird. xo

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How fun this must be to see my dear friend..I would love to sit on the porch with you and Sissy fur baby and watch this show..May you have the very best evening ever my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Richard, How wonderful that the eagles visit your town and what a beautiful sight they must be. Hugs, Sherry

Dreamgoddess said...

Wow, this must be an awesome sight to see! Eagles are so beautiful...wish I could visit to see them.

bj said...

This is amazing. It must be a real sight to see in person....the bald eagles are such awesome birds. Really enjoyed this post.

Thanks so much for coming by....
have a good week..
xo bj

Anna at the Doll House said...

This must be a very special time Richard. I only wish I could have been there. So, I am enjoying these terrific photos instead.


Linda McMullan said...

Wow, Richard! You are so lucky to be able to participate in this; and it just gave me cold chills to see these majestic birds "acting naturally"! How beautiful, and how very special.

Ann said...

Richard, this looks like a wonderful event. We really don't live too far away, maybe a day trip. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog book, the company is SharedBook and it can be googled. My book was about 70.00 this year.

Anyes K. Busby - Studio Vignette Fine Art said...

Hi Richard,
It's a great gift to have wild life come around were we live, isn't it. I love the fact that your town makes a celebration of it.
Very much enjoyed your previous posts. You must have the most beautiful dreams sleeping in that bedroom.

Shelia said...

Hi Richard! Oh, what a treat! How marvelous to have so many come your way. I've seen them in Alaska but I think your town has them beat on the numbers! ;)
At this time of year we have the white pelicans come and nest. They don't usually stay around after the spring. But we have plenty of the brown ones all year round.
I've just got to get to your state one day!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Love those handsome and bold eagles like some men, lol.. I love the photos of them and how terrific the little ones leaning how to fly the world alone! Your town sure had a fabulous event. Thanks for dropping by to see my Bil's roses for export. Love,

Charlotte Wilson said...

Very interesting post on our national bird...didn't know the females were so much larger than the males.


lvroftiques said...

Wow Richard! Talk about a benefit of living right there on the river! They're such beautiful and majestic birds! We also have a few that fly around here and it's such a thrill to see them out hunting. Vanna

Divine Theatre said...

I remember, in Second Grade, students were asked to give 10 cents (a dime) to help the endangered American Bald Eagle. I insisted on giving a whole dollar. "No", the teacher said, "they only want a dime".
At lunchtime I traded my dollar for ten dimes. Still the teacher would only take one dime. I cried and cried.
The next day I found nine friends to donate my dimes!
I always come away with so much from your posts, friend.

Kisses to Sissy,


Ivy and Elephants said...

The Bald Eagle is such an amazing and majestic creature. Oh how I wish I were there. Enjoy and take lots of pics of the visitors (Eagles that is).


victorian parlor II said...

What a wonderful event! Eagles are such amazing creatures:).



Tina´s PicStory said...

welcome to tina´s picstory! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a couple of eagle nests in our small wetlands area near Lake Waco. You have to walk out there to see them...there are no roads, but it is always a treat to watch them go about their housekeeping.
I wish I could come to your Eagle Festival, but I don't think this is the year with gas going crazy again :^(
Take care and give Ms. Sissy a big Texas sized hug!