Sunday, May 11, 2014

St. Louis Antique Car Club Takes a Tour!

Yesterday, May 10 I was lucky enough to have a group of 24 people from the St. Louis Antique Car Club, come and take a tour of My Old Historic House.
The leader of the group had called me a few weeks back and booked the tour. She had been in Clarksville, my little home town, on an earlier visit and picked up one of my cards, She called and we made a date.

It was the most beautiful day for them. The sun was shinning and the sky was blue and the wind was calm. I was excited to see all the old cars around my house and just knew I felt a Blog coming on.
I had it all planned out, so I thought. They were to arrive at 3:00. I had a friend coming to baby sit the shop while I went and gave the tour. I had our Mayor lined up to give a welcome speech when they arrived. I had made mine and Sissy's bed before I went to the shop that morning. I also picked lilacs from the yard and had them in vases around the house. Made the old place smell so good.

At 2:30 I got a call, thanks to everyone having a cell phone, they were already at my house. My helper had not gotten to the shop and I was worried about the Mayor. I had no choice but to lock the shop and run home. Didn't want my tourist waiting in the sun. When I got there and welcomed them , explained about the Mayor and said instead of her starting the tour, she would end it. We went ahead with the tour and a few minutes into it, here she came. I explained to her what had happened and she waited patiently for her turn. WE citizens of Clarksville, population 420, are so lucky to have such a devoted mayor. She does more than her share to make things special when people come to out town. I am sure she does not get the praise she deserves, so here it is, YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!MAYOR SMILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Clarksville,Missouri's., Population 422, Mayor, Joann Smiley 

The tour went off well and the car people could not have been nicer. They seemed to really have enjoyed there visit. They asked many questions and seemed to really be interested in the old place. I got the usual UHHHHHS and AUHHHHHHHS and at least one who asked," who cleans this place."
I hope you enjoyed the car club tour as much as they did. Make your reservations soon. Sissy Dog and I will always, turn the lights on, make the bed and take out the trash. Heck, I might even make some sweet tea and set a spell on the screen porch. Happy Mothers Day every one in Blog Land!

This gentleman loved the floors

My grandson would sure like this little chair

May we take pictures, sure!

We are here!!! Where are you!!!!! Coming!!!!!


Laurie said...

Your house is wonderful! I've long admired it:) I have MANY dollhouses and have spent many pleasurable hours making just about everything that's in them. Kudos to you for having found so many treasure's to fill yours!

Susan said...

Hi Richard. Loved that tour. Thanks for taking us along.

Loved the dollhouse miniatures find, too. Please show us how you use them in your dollhouse, will you? That would be wonderful!

Ha! That lady who said your house looked like a "French whore house?" Well, ah, Richard, maybe she HAS been in one! ha haha

Anyway, I think your house is magnificent and you have a master's touch when it comes to finding gorgeous items and interior decorating. Susan

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh, that is so exciting for you to have such a big group come and see your gorgeous house! I see lots of smiles on faces, looks like they all enjoyed their tour. I have seen your and been in your house numerous times but it still takes my breath away every time I see it! Just beautiful!
The cars were great, I LOVE that bright green Thunderbird! That car looked a little out of place in front of your house, it needed to be a horse and buggy sitting there.
Thanks for sharing with us,

Deanna said...

Awesome AUTOS!!! Lucky people to tour your home.

Pamela Gordon said...

That's wonderful! I love antique cars along with antiques and old homes. They go hand in hand. :) Glad the tour went well and cudos to your mayor!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh gosh I just love old cars and old houses and old people so I would have really enjoyed the day with you.
I liked that green Thunderbird my gym teacher in high school drove a turquoise one and I wanted her car so bad, not realizing if I worked hard and regularly I could buy one LOL
I know the car club was wowed by your mansion
And glad you have a wonderful mayor in your little town

Bama Planter said...

I am glad the club actually drives their cars. That would be a fun club to be a part of. I bet they also hold some great car shows. Wow, Richard, what if we could all pick our houses up and gather in a field for a house show. That would be spectacular ha ha. Marshel in Alabama

Anonymous said...

What a good thing you had your bed made and the lilacs ready! Those classic cars were really gleaming, weren't they? While the green T-bird pops on the computer screen, my heart belongs to that sleek maroon convertible with the top down.

Your house is divine, but it looks especially good with all those people circulating through it. I'm sure you had a lovely, busy day.

Wish I could come for a tour.