Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leave It To The Victorians

     Don't you find it interesting that the Victorians, 1830-1900, during the Rein of Queen Victoria of England, made things for everything? Elaborate butter dishes, comb cases and BOOT RACKS. These were most likely made for the tack room at the horse barn. They were designed to hold tall leather  boots.The boots would be fitted with wood boot forms to keep them in shape. The wood form would have a handle or brass ring on the top. This was made to pull the form out of the boot. It was also made to hold boots in the boot racks. The handle looked a lot like the top of a bowling pin. The handle or the ring would slide into the groves on the middle shelf and hold the boots into place., The pegs at the top would have been used to hold the leather whips.

   I don't have a barn or a tack room ,so my Boot Rack is living in the front hall. It is made of mahogany and is most likely English. Could be French because of the design on the end. I would say the age is most likely 1850. I would love to have a least one pair of tall leather boots, with there form inside, to complete the picture. Any body out there have a pair? I might be interested. Today most people just throw the boots in a pile on the floor. Life has changed. Of course we do not have servants these days, to keep the boots. Most people have never heard of a riding boot as they have never rode. Well I would say that there surely is a Boot Rack at Downton Abbey. What do you think?
   Come by for a tour anytime. I will always leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.


Curtains in My Tree said...

That boot rack is wonderful Richard. I am sure you will come up with some boots for it.
Have you ever looked at the blog Polo House ? She has tall riding boots on her blog or she use to anyway

I am hoping to see you and Sissy this year

Susan said...

Hello Richard....Yes, indeed, the Victorians were quite industrious and inventive. They did have inventions for just about everything! Love your boot rack! Susan

Unknown said...

Love it!!! As an equestrian I like all things affiliated with horses:).



Suzan said...

the Victorians made many unique objects that aren't used today!! This is a lovely piece and with continuous use, you probably have one of the few left.
Lovely piece!!

Sissysmom said...

Hi Richard- Love the boot rack. I have never seen one before. I love learning new things and always do when i read your blog.

I too am in awe of how the Victorians had special items for everything! I'm trying to collect some silver serving utensils right, it seems the items they had were endless!!

Give Sissy Dog a pat on the head from me!

Anonymous said...

What a neat rack! I've never seen a boot rack before. You're right about the Victorians having something decorative for every function and purpose.

I do have a pair of tall riding boots. They're women's, but have the tall tops. Got 'em at an estate sale and am using them for display. They don't have the inserts, though, and they're not antiques.

Let me know if you want to see a picture.


Love Of Quilts said...

Love all things Victorian. This is a new for me, never seen one before.

Unknown said...

Do you still have your boot rack? I have one too, any idea of its value? I have to sell mine as we don't have room now :( I am in UK.

Unknown said...

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