Saturday, January 5, 2013

Many Years and Many Pounds Latter! But I still have HAIR!

This was taken at my 35th birthday party. I had lost  a lot of weight at this  stage in my life. I think it was the period of my life when I looked and felt the best. 

  Went looking for something in my photo box the other night and found these. They made me smile at first, brought back many memories. Then, I was forced to look in the mirror and ask the question,"What Happened? 30 years and a lot of eating Fried Chicken and Doughnuts. Two of my favorite things in the world. As I have kinda retired, moved to the country, settled in and have cut myself off from the world. It is the truth. I am sure a lot of us do this in our Golden Years. I am not proud of it, wish I could do better. Most days I see no one, talk to no one and no one sees me. When I am forced out into the public view, I panic, as I do not  fix myself up so much anymore. No excuse. Lazy I guess.Don't buy cloths, get a hair cut, once a year, need it or not. I hope seeing these pictures, writing this post, will make me do better. I don't count on that much, but will promise myself to try.

I was 31 in this picture. I was giving a tour of my home,"Rose Haven," located in the Soulard district of St.Louis.

    I have 5 brothers and one sister. All my brothers are mostly bald. Even my younger brother, Nathan, I was 12 when he was born. That hair line goes way back there . My father had some hair when he was young.  I have pictures of him with a grand head of hair. He was not bald when he died, but had thinned and was a way back there in the front. I blamed there hair loss on wearing hats. I never liked wearing a hat. I don't wear hats and I have HAIR.Growing up in farm country, on a farm, every one, but me, wore hats. One of my pet pees today is, people wearing hats when they eat. Yes, my family does. I complain and they act like I am nuts. Maybe I am? We go out to eat, they wear hats. We eat at home, there's or mine, and they wear hats. My little brother has a  really nice new love interest. First time we meet, I pulled her aside and mentioned the hat thing. Next time we got together to eat, my brother had no hat. Maybe I have done some good?? He might not think so.

This was taken at the flea market in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Notice the hair!!!!

  Actually I have had a weight problem most of my life. My whole family are big people. On the farm where I grew up, we worked hard and had three huge meals a day. I mean huge, including cake, pie, homemade ice cream and biscuits and gravy. I still love all this stuff. My body does not burn it up like it did working on that farm. Now days I set in my chair and BLOG! I am from a family of men ,who all are 6 foot tall and big  boned.My mother was shorter, about 5 foot 6. but she too had a problem with her weight. She had 7 kids, give her break. She was a wonderful cook. I long for some of her food. I'd be even bigger then.

At a Christmas party 1981, more hair!

   The older we get, the harder it is to loose  weight. Everything I eat goes to fat. I have more double chins than a Chinese phone book. Living alone makes it even harder. It is no fun to cook and eat by ones self, so I eat junk food, frozen stuff and lots of  carry outs. It is a cop out, but I don't see me making  any big chances soon. Maybe come spring. Right????

This was taken  on a Ferry Boat in the Hamptons.  I lived in  Sag  Harbor and had a shop in East Hampton. Friends and I were on our way to Shelter Island to the Rams Head Inn for dinner.  I was starting to take on weight. This was 1997.

     Thanks for listening and taking a trip back in time with me. Come visit Sissy and me anytime. I will always leave a light on and Sissy Dog will  give you a jump and a kiss. Happy weekend. Richard

Me and Sissy Dog today. Many years latter, but I still have HAIR!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh Richard, I think many of us can relate! But, you look the same in the face!
Your never alone you have Sissy Dog!
Would love to see some pictures of your Soulard house someday.

Designs By Pinky said...

We have all gained weight. I am sure since Iam married I eat better than I would if single and alone. We can all just do the best we can. Pinky

It's Just Dottie said...

We just have to do the best we can and believe our self in spite of what gets in the way.
I live a very quiet and simple life also!

GinaBVictorian said...

Hey Richard, I really enjoyed going back in time with you! Loved looking at the photos of you as a young Victorian! Coming from a former hairstylist, you definitely kept up with the styles! Good job! Gina

Stacy Leigh said...

Sweet blog. I liked seeing the old pictures. You've got hair people would love to have!! :)

Darlene said...

I think we all have the same problem. I have pictures at different points in my life where I am skinny, and then where I have gained a lot of weight. I'm a yo-yo person. Seems like every year since I was a teenager my resolution was to lose weight. I too for some reason in the last year don't feel like dressing up and have to put in a lot of effort when I do for the holidays and to go out with my boyfriend. It's like a big job. I can relate with what you posted very much so. take care, Darlene

Charlotte Wilson said...

Richard, You were handsome then and you are handsome now. And goodness, what a head of hair you had then and now.

Marcia said...

It was fun seeing the younger version of you, Richard, but you really do look the same in all of them. My fave was the pic with you giving the home tour in the Soulard district. Movie star material there!!!

Constance said...

My goodness I try not to remember how I looked all those years ago. The truth is I don't mind the looking older or getting older I just hate feeling so darn much older. Yes we would love to see pictures of your Soulard house and please understand that I see an older handsome talented and very hardworking man when I look at your pictures. Give Sissy Dog a kiss and have a wonderful weekend.

Pearl said...

Well that was fun! what a looker you are! Maybe we could count how many chins each other have? I sure I'm a winner on that one. Have a wonderful day, Hugs, Pearl

Deanna said...

Enjoyed this post! You have a great head of hair!!!

As for weight gain....wellllll.....i don't feel as heavy as i am until i see pics of myself and go good heavens who is that woman???

I will have to deliberately eat more greens.

Have a super new year an God Bless,

jeanetteann said...

I think you look just fine,Richard' We all go through the same when looking through old photo's,you wonder when and when the change happened.
You'll never be alone as long as you blog.

Anne said...

Your hair is so thick, oh what I would do for that, mine is always tied back or put up. :) When I read your blog I see such great love for your home and the world around you. Your writing makes me smile. And I agree with Jeanetteann that blogging keeps us all together even when we are many miles apart!! :) Happy Day to you and Sissy Dog!! :)

Love Of Quilts said...

I can relate with your thinking along these lines, we all have to age and we all wish we looked like we did when we were 33...well me anyways that was my best year....weight and looks lol.
This was a good post, everyone should do one of they'er earlier years.
I agree with the wearing of hats making men bald.
It does do a body good to get out more. I know how I get when I stay in the house too long... we need to enjoy while we can. Happy 2013 said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I could see myself in every word...except I have cats...which I guess qualifies me as a crazy old cat lady!

Anonymous said...

I think most of us can relate to your post. I have a hard time with all of the above also.
Same here...with the dog.

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I don't know how old you are Richard, but I think you're quite the handsome devil! still have your hair!

I've recently lost over 100 lbs and I know how you feel. It IS harder the older we get. And solitude only magnifies the problem.

Maybe you need to don some period clothing to go with your fabulous home? I know your nieces wear it for tours...but have you ever tried it?

If you are still mobile, perhaps just going out for a walk in a frock coat, waistcoat, cravat, top hat and walking stick will be good exercise, make you feel dashing and attract positive attention and be an inspiration to others. Just a thought!

Pamela Gordon said...

Your hair was the first thing I noticed when I saw your photo on your blog a while back. You have a great head of hair for sure and most men in their 50's and up are either bald or grey. I'd like to encourage you to get out walking in your little town and take your camera along. Get some pics of the river and the old houses and buildings to share here. That's what I love to do (when it's not below freezing and snowing like it is today). Take Care!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

We all change through the years...but having hair is always good. I think that you look amazing ~ but I am a real proponent of exercise, especially walking in the morning, it is somehow very cleaning to both the mind and body.

Sea Witch said...

Handsome them and handsome now. Your heart shines through all of those photos.

mississippi artist said...

I know what you mean about staying at home and gaining weight! Even my dogs are getting fat. My excuse is I hate walking in the cold and I don't like a gym.

An Historical Lady said...

Richard, you are such a charming, kind, and beautiful person, and that shines through to everyone!

Divine Theatre said...

Hubba Hubba!
I, too, have put on weight that I am ashamed of. We should have a support blog for our friends!
I want you to live a looooong and healthy life, my friend!

Kisses to my Sissy!



Rhissanna said...

Oh, Richard! You were a real heartbreaker!

Weight gain? What else is Christmas for? If someone doesn't gain weight over Christmas, they weren't doing it right!

I've missed so many of your posts, so I'm going to have a look around and see what I missed. just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Hi handsome Richard

Too darn bad we live 3 hours apart or I could cook for you & sissy.
I live alone but cook everyday.

Maybe you should sell the mansion and shop and move back to a city where people could see you everyday, us move to Savannah Georgia?
I bet Savannah Granny could fill us in where to move down there , I know where I would love to work in Savannah Georgia

more pictures please


Bohemian said...

I can so relate to this Post Richard about wrestling with weight issues in this later Season of Life! After Menopause I just began gaining even though my habits really hadn't changed from when I was naturally thin clear up to my late 40's. It is something that frustrates me a great deal and my concern is more for health related reasons than sheer vanity... though I would certainly like to NOT cringe when I see a Photo! *Winks* I too had a Nostalgic end of year browse thru some old Photo Albums and swapped with Friends & Family on Facebook... so we could have a Nostalgiafest! *LOL* It does Inspire me to try to get a grip on this weight issue so that at the very least it doesn't continue to get worse and spiral way out of control. This was such a heartfelt and transparent Post... and BTW you still have an Inner Radiance that Shines through Brightly! Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

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