Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter Left Over Recipe.

    My last post, "Company Coming", I mentioned I was making Macaroni and Cheese with Ham for a dinner party I was hosting. A lot of my blogger friends and followers left comments asking for the recipe. Well ,I made it up many years ago and I am not sure of exact  amounts.This is how I do it. I am sure it will work for you as well. This would be good with left over ham from that big Easter meal. If not, I buy ham in the meat section of my grocery store. It comes in 1 pound bags and is perfectly cubed, ready to use. So easy, why not?
   The cheese sauce I make can be used for many things. I find in a staple when I am cooking. I use it to make scalloped potatoes or cabbage. It is great on vegetables.  Chicken and rice or cheese soup. I make it with Velveeta Cheese. I know it is processed and not good for you. So they say. Well no other cheese would work the same. So get over it. My mother cooked with velveta my whole life. I am 63 and going strong. I guess if you ate it every day straight out of the box it might effect your health. I say, take a chance!
     So here is the cheese sauce recipe first.
A.  Finely chop one medium onion and 1/2 of a green pepper,saute in 1/2 stick of butter until tender. This can be done in a large sauce pan or skillet. Stir often, do not brown
B. Add 1 can cream of mushroom soup and 1 can of milk, still until blended.
C. cube up 1 small box of Veleevta cheese into about 1 inch square cubes. Add to above.Stir constantly until cheese milts. If fire is to hot it will stick to the bottom and burn. If it does, it will change the taste, so be careful not to let this happen.Add more milk if too thick.
D. Add  a tablespoon of prepared yellow mustard , stir into the above to blend.
E. Add the cooked, cubed ham piece and stir till all is blended.
F. If you are a pepper lover, I am, add a generous helping of black pepper. If you want you can use white pepper.
This is my famous cheese sauce. I have used it for years and it is a wonderful staple for your kitchen.
Cook 1/2 pound of your favorite macaroni according to directions.I add salt to the water and a little oil so it will not stick. Test to see if it is tender. You do not want to over cook the macaroni as it will fall apart when you bake it.
Drain and rinse.

Add the cooked and drained macaroni to the cheese sauce and stir until blended.

Pour into oiled baking dish and top with grated  Cedar Cheese. I add pepper to the top of this. This would be up to you.

Bake for 1 hour in a preheated oven set on 300.

Remove from oven and serve. One think, make lots as people are going to love it.

     Happy Easter. let me know if you try it. Say so if you like it, go on down the road if you don't. I hope you are with wonderful family and friends this Easter Holiday and rejoice in this wonderful world the Lord has given us.
   Come by any time for a tour. I will always leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will be there with a jump and a kiss. If I know you are coming, I'll whip up a big batch of mac and cheese.



Curtains in My Tree said...

As hungry as I am right now that sounds so good and sure it is

I just realized an hour ago this is Easter weekend and I am not ready, I have 4 baskets to get ready and make 7 layer salad and deviled eggs and need another day to do it. soon as I get off work at 5pm I will get started

I would love some of your mac & cheese right now Richard

Stacy Leigh said...

I got to try it the other night and it is SOOO good!!! I highly recommend it! It is the ultimate comfort food!!

Barbara F. said...

I happen to enjoy Velveeta every once in a while, nothing melts quite like it! Have a happy and blessed weekend. xo

Olive said...

The poor dogs have sprouted bunny ears. I am not cooking a thing for Easter. But Happy Easter to you and Sissy.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Richard: You crack me up!! I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've survived longer than you and my mom cooked with velveeta and alot more unmentionable stuff. I love your Staffordshire Bunnies!..Happy Easter to you and your family..Judy P.S. I'm going to make your recipe and will let you know.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

The Staffordshire "bunnies" are a hoot! Happy Easter!

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

So what your saying is there is other cheese out there besides velveeta???? No, not for me there isn't! I will have to give this a try. My sister-n-law has a mac-n-cheese recipe with some type of crackers on top for a crust that is really good. I love mac-n-cheese any way you cook it, well, as long as it is with velveeta, lol. You and Sissy dog have a wonderful Easter, Richard.

Unknown said...

That sounds yum! My Pop-Pop made a family Goulash with Velveeta and it would never be the same without it! So I agree, Get over it!

Pearl said...

I cracked up when I saw your staffatoire pups with bunny ears. Your so funny, my gosh that mac and cheese sounds glorious! I was raised on velveeta to and so far I'm still here too. Happy Easter to you sweet man and thanks for stopping by my blog. Hugs, Pearl said...

Yum! This sounds delicious to me-you know us southerners love our cream of mushroom soup and Velveeta.If I don't talk to you before Easter, go ahead and hide the eggs without me-that's another old Southern saying.LOL!Kiss Sissy.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Stopping by to wish you Happy Easter, Richard.

Looks like the weather is going to be wonderful!

Victorian1885 said...

Thanks for the recipe Richard... Happy Easter!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Ok..where are Sissy's ears?! Or will she not wear them. your dogs are too cute!

Richard my friend, have a wonderfully enjoyable Easter Day!
I know your lucky guest will!

xinex said...

Happy Easter, Richard! Your cheese recipe sounds so good!...Christine

It's Just Dottie said...

I pray you have a beautiful Holy Week, Richard.

Charlotte Wilson said...

I am salivating right now! I think I may make this, this week!
Thank you for sharing your recipe!

Have a blessed Easter!


Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Thanks for sharing "Richard's Famous Cheese Sauce" recipe.

I will save it and let you know when I make it!

Love the Staffordshire hares.

Sissysmom said...

Happy Easter, Sissy Dog and Richard!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your Gog and Magog dogs with the bunny ears made me laugh out loud. And I've copied your cheese sauce recipe, it sounds so good! Thank you!

Shelia said...

Hi Richard! Love seeing your little Staffies all decked out for Easter. Hope yours was wonderful. Thank you so much for your mac and cheese recipe. I am certainly going to try it and will let you know what we think. Yummy! Wish I had a little right now.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)


Oh my dear Richard, you're like me, more dogs than bunnies! Adorable picks you shared. I'll be right over for the left Great recipes too, such a cook you are my pal. I'm glad you had a nice Easter along with Sissy Dog. Have a lovely week too. Hugs,

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Richard, I hope you had a great Easter. Thanks for the mac and cheese recipe! I am planning on making it this week. Tell me about using the cheese sauce on cabbage, how do you prepare the cabbage for this? That sounds like a winner too! :)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hope your Easter was lovely... Now I am truly ready for spring and some nice weather for working in hte yard and getting outdoor spaces arranged.... Blessings

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Oh, your recipe sounds divine! I am a huge lover of mac and cheese! Thanks for stopping by - it always nudges me to visit - and I am always so happy when I stop by because you have the best posts. I will say, I do read every word you write, and I am not a reader of blogs. Most who know me, know that about me.

I love your "get over it" about the cheese - made me laugh. We are due for a visit? I use the cutting boards I bought from you every single day - they are on my counter. I will use them in a post someday soon.

I miss you my dear Richard and know that I love you and will visit soon.

Elizabeth :-)

BettyJean @ ShabbyTeaParty said...

Hi Richard, your Staffordshire dogs in their Easter Bunny Ears made me smile. I agree Velveeta cheese is is a must for mac 'n cheese. Hope you had a Blessed Easter. Warm Hugs,

Kittie Howard said...

Thanks for stopping by, Richard. Your love for the South is a treasure. I hope you get to visit Natchitoches one day as I'm sure you'll fall in love with the lovely homes in the Historic District. It's truly a feast!

Beverly said...

It sounds like Macaroni and Cheese to love, and we do love some m&c in our family.

Speaking of love, I am loving all of your Staffordshire doggies.♥

Rhissanna said...

Those Staffordshire Comforters with rabbit ears? Adorable!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hey Richard! I finally got around to making your mac and cheese. It was very good but let me tell ya, my daughter LOVED it! She couldn't eat enough. So thankyou for sharing the recipe.