Friday, August 26, 2011

Dogs and ART.

A family of Staffordshire Dogs, live on the jelly cabinet in my kitchen.
A small oil painting of Beagles, in my Down River Parlor.

English Needlepoint Fire Screen in Up River Parlor.

Large framed needlepoint of little girl and dog in Up River Parlor. 
      Dogs have been featured in works of art of various forms,such as paintings,sculpture,porcelain,drawings and photos,either as  a primary subject or a supporting character, like a prop, for several centuries.Dogs have been used in art form since the Greek and Roman times. Especially popular in the 18th and 19th century in Europe. By studying the portraits of pampered pets and sporting dogs, one can trace the evolution of different breeds and types of dogs through the centuries.Dogs are a common visual motif in Western art and have been called."Artist Best Friend."Although dog portraiture did not become a wide spread practice until the early 18th century.Some dogs that we see in former art are no l/onger around, the breed has died off.
    Dogs, even today, are natural adjuncts of portraits, appearing in fashion and interior design.Italian painters of the 16th century produced a succession of memorable cannies that suggested how familiar and admired dogs had become. The loyal dog has appeared in paintings as far back as 4500 BC, when they were painted on cave walls and carved into bone pieces.
   You can visit most any art museum and find works of art that feature dogs. One in particular is in St.Louis,Missouri, about 70 miles from me. The Museum of the Dog. 1721 S. Mason Rd. Paintings, sculptures,drawings, trophy's and so on and so on. It is well worth the trip and they have an amazing gift shop with fun things for sale. Another museum is the well know, William Second Gallery, at 52 East 76th Street in New York, City. This gallery features some wonderful works of art about beloved dogs. And there is always some for sale.

This pair of Red and White Staffordshire live on the window sill in the kitchen, away from the large white family. 

French Opaline salt and pepper cellar with a bronze dog holder. One of my favorite things. 

Very old needlepoint pillow. At one time there was a letter in the dogs mouth, that said, "please post".

This darling piece was a birthday gift many years ago from my friend, Blossom.

Poor little fella. He lives in the laundry room. As you can see ,he has a crack around his neck and a bandage on his leg. I call him, "Goggins", as I did an estate sale for the Goggins family in St. Louis and I admired this dog and Mrs. Goggins gave him to me as a pet. He has been through a lot. But, I love him.

Silver dog decorates the base of the Epergne on my dinning room table.

    The ancient, Native Americans, were lovers of dogs and often depicted them in the art. Weaving, bead work,paintings and sculpture, all have survived for today's viewing.Dog art, has also been discovered in the Tombs of the Egyptian Kings.
      A good book is, Dog Paintings, a history of dogs in art. It is English and written by William Second and was published in 1992. It high lights various art forms from 1840-1940 and is a social history of the Dog in art. Beautiful photos on every page. Great coffee table book.
      There is a Dog Art auction, each year,  along with, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The popular sale show cases two centuries of dog paintings and sculpture, by important artist. Feb. 12th at 10:00 am till noon.Doyle New York  Auction House.
   Dogs  have been found in folk art for many years and are a very favorite subject. Hooked rugs, carved wood, metal,weather vanes, paintings, from 1750 to 1800's. and sculpture
    Dogs in porcelain reached it's height in 19th century England. Makers like: Royal Worchester, Rockingham, Mintion,Copeland, Davenport and Staffordshire, all worked in Staffordshire England and all produced dog items. Staffordshire dogs started in early 19th century. The first pair was made and given to Queen Victoria as a wedding gift. Victoria was a dog lover and it has been reported that she had as many as 12 at one time. During the wedding the dog statues were on display with the other wedding gifts. soon every body wanted a pair as the Queen had a pair. Soon they were being mass produced and were found on every mantle, from a modest cottage to the grandest of homes. They have been loved every since, by the Americans as well as the English. Very popular in the interior design world. many reproductions have been made since then. Staffordshire dogs are what we think of most often, when we think of dogs on art.

A minature Red and White Staffordshire Spaniel lives on the kitchen mantle.

This Bennington dog is in my laundry room.

A small pair of Staffordshire dogs with Queen Victorians daughters riding  on them. Vicky and Beatrice.

A loyal dog sets at the feet of his master, in this Staffordshire piece.

A close up from the large needlepoint in the Up River Parlor. 

    I'd like to share with you today, my dogs, that I have in art. I have collected them over the years -not so much for the dog-but mostly, for the entire piece. I hope you enjoy  our little lesson today about dogs in art and also enjoy my little collection. Please come by any time for a real tour. You are always welcome, I will leave the lights on, and Sissy dog will always meet you with a jump and a Kiss. Of course, Sissy Dog ,is as always my favorite. I have included a few pictures of her, her art and her  being Sissy.

Little boy holding a dog , French Bisque  statue in Up River Parlor.

Sissy, get off that chair. No, No!

No, Daddy, I am tired and this chair is soft. 

Sissy in  POP Art. 

Me and Sissy Dog.

Sissy Dog for President. 

My Old Historic House, as seen from the middle of the Mississippi River. Sent to me by cell phone from a friend. 

Sun set on the Mississippi River in Clarksville,Mo. Mine and Sissy's home town. 


Stacy Leigh said...

I love paintings of dogs. I have 3 now. 2 are from England and the other I bought in Elsberry, MO. at a flea market shop. I wondered how you got the pictures of your house from the River. And I love the art you did with Sissy!! She is like the Mona Lisa of the dog world :)

Olive said...

The Staffordshire dogs always catch my eye but I cannot afford them. I like Goggins too. Of course Sissy is the best of all. I have a constant companion, my cat Clovis, who is always sitting by my laptop. I have to blowdry the cat hair out of my laptop all the time but he is devoted to me. My Joe is talking about getting a dog and that is fine with me and would be interesting traveling with a cat and a dog. The image of your house on the river is lovely. ♥Olive

Marcia said...

Another great blog from my favorite blogger! The best subject matter ever, but then I'm a bit prejudiced, being Sissy's adopted grandma and all.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM, my dear friend..loved seeing all your doggies and another great story to go with them..Give that Sissy some fur love from me..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Barbara F. said...

I especially love the beautiful needlepoint portraits, and of course, the cutest beagle ever! I think Sissy needs her own FB page. xo,

Deanna said...

Dear Richard,
I have no Staffordshire Dogs at the present, but I can see where people love these.

Dogs are a favorite domesticated animal to me. Hum.....think it's time to collect some puppies.

The picture of your home by the river is lovely.

God bless,
d from home haven nestled in the kansas flinthills

Shelia said...

Hi Richard! What a wonderful snap of your lovely home from across the river!
Now I'm in total doggy heaven seeing all of your Staffordshires! I love them and collect them. But mine are not old and valuable like yours! OH, you have some lovely ones! If you'd like to see a post I did about mine you can look here:
I keep saying, one day I'm coming to visit Richard and little Sissy and I'm making sure a bring a great BIG ole bag with me! :)
Sissy has the prettiest little brown eyes!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Looks like Sissy dog has plenty of company! The pieces are all so wonderful. Esp Goggins!

Pearl said...

I love all your furniture pieces and the statues are to die for. You and Sissy dong are quite a team. She's beautiful. The scene from the river gives quite a defferent perspective to your home. I have to explain my Grandaughter and the rabbit photo. They only shoot what they eat, but I'm with you on animals I could never kill one. I love all creatures too. Have a great wkend! Pearl

My name is Riet said...

OH my goodness you have so much art in that beautiful house of yours. I love all your staffordshire dogs and thos paintings.... wow.
Have a nice weekend

Antique Style said...

Of course i love your fabulous needlepoint pieces!! The screen is really sweet!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Richard...

My...ohhh my! You have a very fine collection of Staffordshire dogs at your Old Historic House, my friend! I loved the tour! I think one of my favorite pieces is the English needlepoint fire screen! It's just gorgeous! I can't even begin to imagine the many hours that was spent needlepointing that fabulous piece! I also loved your old dog statue that you have in the laundry room...broken leg and all! He's just adorable! And...of course there is your beloved Sissy! She is such a little beauty! She looked as though she "belonged" in that beautiful chair! Thank you so much for sharing your collection of dog art with us today. I sooo enjoyed well as the historic information!

I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at a few of my new treasure finds in the Tea Rose bedroom. I enjoyed your visit and sweet note. Thank you for the warm birthday wishes too! You're such a dearheart!

Warmest wishes,

lvroftiques said...

DOGS!!!!....I adore DOGS!!! Can't get nuff DOGS!!....LOVE your collection of DOGS Richard!!
Stellar as always! *winks* I so enjoy seeing all your various collections. And doesn't your house look grand from the river! And your Sissy girl is just the sweetest! But I'm biased too. *winks* How did you come to collect the staffordshire dogs may I ask? Because that's some collection of them I must say! I only have one pair and I'd sure love to have more. Vanna

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I am constantly amazed at your collections. The dogs are, of course, marvelous. Thanks for linking up to Open House Party. I really appreciate it. Give Sissy a kiss for me!

ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Richard, love all your pieces and I really like that Goggins!
But my pic of the day would be that sweetie on the red chair!
Your home looks beautiful from across the water, great picture!
Have a nice evening!

xinex said...

Oh Richard, your collection of Staffordshire dogs are so precious! Love your picture with Sissy and I like your home view from the river....Christine said...

I of course have never met a dog I didn't like. I have oodles of china dogs and dog art and dog pillows and dog jewelry-you have inspired me to do a post about them. I went on two beautiful garden tours yesterday and will be sharing them next week as well as more Louisiana photos. I love all of your dog collectibles, but I really love the big one with the mended leg and of course my favorite is the one sitting in that purple velvet chair! Give Sissy a kiss.


I love anything dogs, paintings, figurines, which I collect and have various, vintage and new, porcelain and brass, etc. I hope one day I ran into a Staffordshire one, but Sissy is the most beautiful one, she's too cute! I love the images of your house from the river side! I just dropped by from Pink Sat.. Have a nice and sake weekend Richard. FABBY

Sissysmom said...

Great information. I looked around and the only dog art I have is a few framed snapshots of my Sissy girl before she went to doggie heaven. But you have given me an idea for a new collection!!

Sissy Dog is always so adorable and I agree with her...that chair looks too comfortable to get out of! Give her a pat on the head from me!!

Victorian1885 said...

Thank you for sharing your precious dog collection. I love your pet in the laundry room too. I only have one set of the white dogs and mine have baskets of flowers in their mouths. It is always a treat to see your Historic home and your collections inside. Have a wonderful weekend.


Lynn said...

Great informative post! Thanks for stopping by the other day. Best wishes to you (and Sissy).

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

YEAH, Sissy Dog for president!!! As a big dog lover I had never even thought much about dogs as art...duh...wonderful subjects and perfect for any kind of art!!!
Have a beautiful day!!!

outjunking said...

Just when I thought I knew which dog was my favorite then there would be another one just as nice or better. Then there was Sissy dog. Just Gorgeous. I have always thought beagle dogs had those sad puppy dog eyes you here about. What about that river shot of your home, love it.

Anyes K. Busby - Studio Vignette Fine Art said...

Hello Richard,
Your dog collection is priceless. Of course, my favorite is Sissy, but my second favorite is Goggins. He looks like those big dogs nobody want and end up at the pound. So glad he found a good home.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...


So nice to put a handsome face with the Old Historic House!!!

I love Goggins... the s&p cellar AND the Bennington pup...had not seen one of those before.
Oh my heavens you have an awesome dog collection!

I think you should let us, your followers, pick a theme/topic, one a week, and then you can show us your collection on that topic!
(I have a feeling this little game could go on for a LONG time!)

i.e. "Richard, show us your....." ROOSTERS, or tartanware, or BRONZES, or CANE COLLECTION, etc etc etc.

You have a virtual museum there.... truly.

Love seeing your things!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love ya dogs of course

and that picture of Sissy the pop art is just to cute love it .
and how cute her curled up on that velvet chair the girl knows luxury

What a great picture from the river of your mansion a beautiful site for sure


Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Love the oil painting of the dog Richard. Sissy is a beauty too. I didn't know you lived on the Mississippi, wow, that must be awesome!

Maggie said...

Stopping by from the Tablescaper's blog today.
Love the Staffordshire pot dogs! Fab collection.
Sissy is a sweetie and deserves a comfy seat after featuring as your artistic muse.

Bonnie@ The Hopeless Romantic said...

I like Goggins, however i have to say that Sissy is my favorite. U know im a beagle owner aswell....What a great breed! Ive been meaning to come see u, LOL. Thanks for stopping by, glad ya "liked" my sacks, LOL....................Bonnie

The Tablescaper said...

I love your dog collection. You have some interesting items. And that picture of your home is just amazing. Great to have you be a part of Sesonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Anonymous said...

Sissy in the red chair ... priceless!

I love Goggins and the Bennington spaniel in the laundry room.

Thanks for the information on where to find dog art. I can't wait to check out the Museum of the Dog and the William Second Gallery.