Thursday, June 23, 2011

If it ain't Broke- Don't fix It!!!!!!

The new August issue of Victorian Homes magazine.

Victorian Homes magazine Editor, Hillary Black.

Address of the editor at Victorian Homes magazine.

The Mailbox section of Victorian Homes Magazine, August issue, with mention of, My Old Historic House.

   I am in a deep debate, with the editor of Victorian Homes Magazine, Ms. Hillary Black. The magazine did a 12 page feature of ,My Old Historic House, in the June issue. The newest issue, August, is soon to be on the news stands and it also, has a 1 page article ,about my home. Thanks to a lot of my Blogger friends who emailed and commented , about  the June article. One of my good Blogger buddies, Curtains in my tree, was mentioned, and, as was my blog, My Old Historic House. That is all very good for the blog world. When the June issue came out, with the article about my home, I got a lot of people who commented , that they did not like the last few covers. So I passed this along to the editor. True to form, the newest issue, August,  has another cover that is un-Victorian. To me, it looks like,Better Homes and Garden or House Beautiful. If you want those magazines, buy them, but we want, Victorian Homes, that is why we buy or subscribe to this magazine. I know where the editor is going, she is trying to reach  more readers,by attracting Old Home owners, who are not die- hard Victorian interior lovers. I understand the concept, so put it inside ,and put, Victorian on the cover. I am just saying!!!!I am so afraid, next, we will see a Victorian home, void of color, shabbied up, like so many of the other magazines on the market today. Is there no magazine, "GOD"' anymore. Please do not show ,a Victorian House ,with a flat screen TV above the parlor mantle.

A mock up cover, I did, from a house featured  in the August issue, which one do you like better?

Another Mock Up Cover I made, using a picture of my entrance hall, taken from the June  issue.

A Mock up issue, showing my kitchen, can you compare it to the August issue cover, showing  the greenish, yellowish, kitchen.

    The June issue and August issue are both in a greenish,yellowish, muted, void of color,  bah-bah-bah, tone,
of a bed room and a kitchen. I would not have bought either issue, if I had just looked at the cover. I might have taken the time to look at it, on the news stands, and bought it, after the fact. I just wonder if this is the personal taste of this editor. If so, I am asking, is she the right person for this job, editor of a Victorian Homes Magazine??? What do you bloggers think? If you agree or dis-agree, I am sure the editor would love to get you're feed back.
   I emailed the editor yesterday, and stated the same facts to her. She was very nice and emailed back in great speed. I asked her if the  past 2 issues had done well on the news stands. And now this is the third issue to look this way. Her answer was, that the numbers have not came in yet. Takes awhile, but she would keep in touch. I know the June issue did pretty good, as I , bought and sold 150 copies. And she did say that the June issue, with my house, had gotten a lot of attention. Her other comment was, that covers that are lighter and brighter, do well on the news stands. Well, not all Victorian Homes are dark. I have tried to do some mock up covers, so you can see what a different cover might have looked like. Ms. Black, the editor, did say that the Dec. issue would please me and she was still  working on Oct., and she would keep my comments in mind.At least she seems to be listening!

Does this excite you???

The cover of the new August issue of Victorian Homes Magazine, with a kitchen the same color as the bed room on the cover of the June issue.

What magazine do you think this was from???

This is wonderful, my favorite from the new August issue of Victorian Homes magazine.

How many of us have a porch like this? 

     Ok, now that I have ranted and raved,I just wanted to announce that once again, My Old Historic House, was mentioned  in Victorian Homes Magazine, the August issue, soon to be on news stands every where. Just thought you might like to check it out.
   I would love your feedback. I blog for comments, you know. If you like the direction the Victorian Magazine is going. Vote -Yes. If you don't like the new format, vote -No. If you would like to see the magazine go back to more of a Victorian look, vote- Yes. If you think I am nuts, and just about crazy, please don't say a word. As, you are probably right.Or, maybe you just don't care!
   I hope you enjoyed my Victorian Homes Magazine review. Come by some time and see me at, My Old Historic House. I would love to give you a tour. Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a Kiss and I will leave the lights on.

Would you rather see this than a green bath tub?




Oh, I just love your house, Richard!! Wish I can go and visit it! and you too. I just got the magazine from a friend who just came from the USA, I'm so happy and your house pics look amazing...congrats my friend, but it deserves it! Where have you been? I missed your visits! I would've loved you to see my Father's Day tablescape, very menly too. Have a terrific weekend! Love, FABBY

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Richard... It is not just Victorian homes that have taken a different direction.. I now longer enjoy about three of the magazines I use to take and do not take them anymore... Romantic homes is one for myself also that I do not like the direction it went... I so agree a Victorian home should not be viewed with a flat screen above then mantel... as a perfect exmple you made... I always enjoy your home and collections and come and view on a regular basis as you know...

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Richard, I hope this finds you enjoying our awesome Missouri weather. I just came in from outside, only because things were calling me to work on. I know these gorgeous Summer days are far and few between. I'm with you. I don't care for the big screen T.V's over the mantel look. I'm not sure why magazines are taking a different direction. If it's to draw more buyers I believe they've missed the mark... like you: If it ain't broke don't fix it!!
hugs ~lynne~

Historical Ken said...

It seems like making more money is all they care about and to do this they have to "expand" their coverage.
This type of thinking has become an epidemic!
I'm with you, however. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Bohemian said...

Dear Richard... thanks for your sweet comment on my Hamadan 'score'... yes, I'm partial to the Reds too and will one day own a Red Kerman (winks). Your price is more than fair and in the range these gorgeous rugs usually 'start'... and can of coarse 'finish' in the stratosphere. *winks* That is why I knew that for under $50 I can made the pull of the century and was tickled to death!

I agree about the Victorian Homes new cover, it does not look like what I'd expect from a VICTORIAN HOME magazine and I probably wouldn't notice it as such and bypass it. Alas, I can't even find Victorian Homes in our Bookstores and outlets anymore *sob* and so I sadly missed the issue your beautiful Home was featured in. I can't subscribe to many mags anymore *budget constraints* so I only pick up the most coveted issues here and there now, when I can find them that is! I Hope your suggestion is heeded or they could lose their most loyal fan base... much like Romantic Homes did when they changed things up so much that it was unrecognizable as the Mag it used to be.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Curtains In My Tree said...


Yes I think you are nuts and Just about crazy LOLOLOL

But you are a man who knows what he likes and wants and you want to see Victorian homes On the cover of Victorian magazine.

Yes we know the direction the editors are going these days and that is catching the eye of the new look which is updated old style kitchens and house. Like Martha's show kitchen. You know the Martha green on this cover.

You should not be to hard with Hilary she did show case your house fabulous , what a spread

Your house is a master piece

Your blogger friend


Hi Sissy

lvroftiques said...

I'm with you Richard! Seems to me a magazine titled Victorian Homes should BE ABOUT things Victorian !!! I don't want to see any contempory design in such a magazine!! There are other mags for that!...OK that said you know I'm a die hard antique lover...I don't care at all for much that's new so I'm more than a little annoyed at the turn this mag is taking. But numbers don't lie....Perhaps people just don't want or like authentic Victorian design?... And we're the minority my friend *sighs* I sincerely hope not. Vanna

Pearl said...

I definately want to see Victorian when looking at the magazine cover. I'm with you I vote yes keep the beautiful shots of vic homes and interiors.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Congrats on making the magazine!! I will have to pick it up to see. I have a semi victorian home and have not picked up the magazines in several years. I agree no contempory items should be in a Victorian magazine! Hope they listen to their readers!

Sea Witch said...

Hello Richard. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have not visited my usual favorites in a long time...I am overwhelmed at work these days. I shouldn't complain though as at least I have one. So agree with this post of yours. Why must people sacrifice the integrity of any period, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian,Arts and Crafts, etc. to shabby it up to increase readership. Don't get me wrong, I think Shabby has its place but don't dumb down authentic periods in order to give the masses a faux flavor of the period. There are plenty of magazines that do that all ready. Sea Witch

A Few Pennies said...

Richard; I agree with you totally (though I don't live in a Victorian style house--I truly love yours and greatly await the August issue to view your beautiful home again thru the pages)--I don't like to see a flat screen tv in any magazine unless its a useful idea on how to hide it!

Sissysmom said...

Richard...I soooo agree with you!! I have every issue of Victorian Homes ever published. I do not like the direction I have seen the magazine take lately. I used to get my copy and pour over it for days. They used to have several features that showed so much Victorian decorating and style you had to spend a lot of time to take it all in. But now less of the features are true Victorian and some issues I "breeze" through once and then file away. That's why I loved the issue with your house in it, it was more like the way the magazine used to be. I spent days going over all the details in your house and got so many decorating ideas from it. So no, I don't think you are crazy except in a good kind of way, crazy about Victorian!

Give Sissy Dog a pat on the head from me!

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Richard

I entirely see your point and one of your mock-up covers would have been a much better choice.


Bohemian said...

Hi Richard, thank you so much for your most generous offer on the Magazine, I've tried sending an e-mail and having some difficulty... may be a system problem... so just in case the two I sent don't go through, my e-mail is:

Dawn... The Bohemian


Oh, I can't wait for your Patriotic table!! Thanks for coming Richard. Have a nice Sunday. Love, FABBY

andrew1860 said...

What a wonderful post. I enjoyed so much reading about you Beautiful Victorian home. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Hi Richard-

I have every issue of Victorian Homes since Spring 1985. I agree, true Victorian architecture and furnishings, etc. should be the focus of the interior AND exterior of the magazine. It is, after all, a niche publication, and we Victorians (the ones I know, anyway) are purists. I don't pay much attention to the cover, since mine are delivered, but someone looking for it in the store would not be drawn to it without that unmistakable Victorian look.

I do think, however, this new editor has been going back to much more interesting content lately, more like the old magazine I fell in love with. I give her credit for that. It's probably the art director calling the shots with the photography, or the marketing people thinking they must compete with the "shabby chic" Martha Stewart magazines out there. So don't blame the editor.

What really matters most is the content. Showing true Victorian homes such as yours is great. Keep it up. There are still plenty more out there. Showing high Victorian, low Victorian, Victorian food, customs, collectables, antiques, proper restoration... these are all things I want to read about in Victorian Homes! A few years back, it was not worth reading and I was thinking of canceling, but it has made a comeback.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Pam you and are are in agreement...I stopped getting Victorian Homes for many of the above mentioned.
I'll pick one up from time to time.
Richard I must get this issue and see MORE of your fantastic home.
OH BTW...come over again, I have a small surprise for you...scroll down and there are some figurine images that I think you will enjoy. And the cutest teacup.


LydiaO said...

*le sigh* It looks like they are trying to appeal to modern tastes. The same tastes that hang big screen TV's over the parlor fireplace and tear down walls to convert rooms with a purpose into open living spaces. This is one of my favorite rants so I am going to shut up now:-) I wish you could publish a magazine. I know it would be All Victorian all the time!

Susan said...

Hello Richard.....

I am with you! Victorian homes and their interiors should be featured in Victorian Homes magazine. Your home is a perfect example of the kinds of homes and interiors SHOULD be featured.

I hope to get to Barnes and Noble soon to look for the June issue so I can see the article and photos on your house! I'll be so proud to say, "Oh, this is the house of one of my blogger friends!"

Take care and have a wonderful day. Susan

Divine Theatre said...

I agree with you, always!
I sent a letter to the editor. I hope they listen!

xoxoxo to you and Sissy!


The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Richard,
You are a Victorian purist. I admire your passion for this period.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I do agree with you that Victorian Homes magazine should be about Victorian Homes!! I want to applaud you for being featured in the June issue and then again in the August issue. I did not buy this issue as I do not have a subscription. I hope I can find one on Ebay if it is out of the stores.
A good friend of mine was also featured last year in Victorian Homes nmagazine, Joe Matteo and the Stegmaier Mansion. Maybe you have the issues in which he was featured?
My hubby and I will have the pleasure of staying in the Amelia suite at the Stegmaier Mansion for 2 nights in August. We will get to sleep int he bed that Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter slept in on the recent trip to our area and the Stegmaier Mansion.
I am so excited.....


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Richard, I don't know where I've been, but I just re read my issue of Victorian Homes Magazine and your home is just drop dead gorgeous. Congratulations!

As far as the cover goes, editors alone do not get to choose the cover shot, it's really a combined effort and the publishing house has the last say. YES, it is all about what they think will sell the most issues.

Historical Ken wrote "It seems like making more money is all they care about and to do this they have to "expand" their coverage." well YES!! If a magazine doesn't do well on the stands, the publisher quits producing it. I for one would hate to see that happen with VH. So many other design magazines have just gone out of business lately, that I am more than excited to continue to be able to read VH.

Hillary is doing a fabulous job with the magazine i.m.h.o., the content, as Pam noted, too. There seems to be so much more to see and read in the latest issues. Victorian style is glorious, and I love it even in homes that "interpret" it in a more modern manner. Even the Victorians themselves changed their interiors after a few years. Surely we can love Victorian Homes Magazine even if it doesn't have the exact cover we think it should?

xo Lidy