Friday, March 18, 2011

Stuff For Sale


Nice shape and in perfect condition. 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide and 7 inches deep. $85.00 plus $20.00 shipping.

Framed Victorian ladies Fan. Mother of pearl with silk and mirrored sequins.

Wonderful condition.

Gold leaf shadow box frame with hot pink linen backing. 17 inches by 20 inches and 3 inches deep. Actual fan is 14 inches by 7 inches.

$65.00 plus $20.00 shipping. I will double box and wrap really welll.

Hand made large fat needlepoint pillow.

20 inches by 20 inches. Off white backing with brushed fringe.

$25.00 plus $12.00 shipping. Clean and smoke free.
  Today  I  am offering a few items for sale that go along with my last few post. I hope that maybe some of you all can use and want them. I appreciate you looking. I also had to put a few new pictures of  Ms. Sissy Dog on as well. We went for our morning walk in Beautiful Historic Clarksville,Mo., where we were delighted to see a few signs of spring. I say, "BRING IT ON!" I don't know when a winter has been so long and hard. The sun was shinning bright yesterday and I even had the kitchen door open and was thinking about opening the screen porch. Then today, rain,dark and chilly again. Maybe soon. If you are interested in any of the items, just email me or call.  or 573 242 9688. I can take a  master card or visa charge over the phone or I am also glad to take a check. THANKS! Richard

Spring has Sprung

Sissy had to stop and smell the flowers.

My favorite .

More to come.

My little girl, Sissy Dog with  all her diamonds.


The Dusty Victorian said...

Very well Richard, I will spread the word.
Sissy girl looks like she is a real sweetheart. Of course, a princess should wear diamonds.

Richard Cottrell said...

Thanks Dusty for stopping by. RC and S

Bohemian said...

Oh Dear, Dear Richard! No, no, no, your question was not at all rude, it was a very good question in fact that I enjoyed contemplating and answering, no offense at all was taken!! I have actually never quite understood why I'm drawn to the DILAPIDATED... in all honesty some things I've adored have made others shake their head in absolutely amazement! *winks, including this ole House which was a RUIN when I decided I MUST have it, my Dear Mother was physically ill when she 1st saw it in original condition *LOL* she thought I had lost my mind!?!* There is some of the 'ruination' I have left "as is" because it still appealed to me even after most of the rest was restored or remodeled to make it habitable... it was condemned you see when I made the purchase! *smiles*

That said, I enjoyed hearing your story, and I consider you a Dear Blog Friend... and if a Friend cannot ask the potentially sensitive questions, who can? *winks* It caused me to be introspective in a good way so NO apology was necessary. You are a kind, sweet Soul and I know Sissy is the apple of your eye so I had no doubt she rules the roost. *winks* I too had to take an early retirement and forfeit my pensions to care for ailing DH and the G-Kids (no Day Care for their Special Needs), so I TOTALLY have a point of reference for that hurdle as well. Just wanted to stop by after reading your new comment and give you a virtual big Bohemian Hug!!! Dawn... The Bohemian

Divine Theatre said...

Sissy is such a beautiful little girl!

xinex said...

So glad to see that Spring is finally getting there, Richard...Christine

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful sight of spring!Purple crocus and yellow daffodils.Can't get better than that other than your lovely sissydog which brings a smile to my face all of the time !!

Bohemian said...

Richard I was over at Andie's Blog and noticed you mentioned your Home is going to be profiled in some of my fav Mags soon!!! Congrats, how very exciting and I just know the feature will be magnificent, I'm so happy for you and now I can't wait to receive my copies! I will actually know someone featured... those issues will be 'keepers' fer sure! *winks* I can see Sissy appreciated Spring Bulbs as much as I do and she looks stunning in her bling!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Marcia said...

Love this, and love spring, and love love love Sissy!