Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Odd Couple, Ruth and Huck

Ms. Ruth

  First of all, I would like to tell everyone about the progress of the article, that is coming up next month in Victorian Homes Magazine, about My Old Historic House.I got an email from the editor yesterday with a first look proof. I had to sign ,saying I would not print or use the pictures at this time. Putting that aside, I have to say the pictures are beautiful. And it looks like a 10 page spread with several centerfolds. I am sorry I keep going on and on, but I am just so excited. I always wanted to be published and it looks like it really is going to happen. The book will go to print on Monday. And yes, Sissy made the cut. In her basket on the kitchen floor beside the fireplace. I will have a copy e around the 10th of April and I am sure there will be a blog post,soon after.

    My house has two parlors, which was pretty much typical of that time and period. One is the Gentlemans Parlor, and the other The Ladies Parlor. Standing guard in  the Ladies Parlor is a marble statue of Ruth, from the Bible. She is Italain and sets on a marble pedestal .. Standing guard in the Glentlemans Parlor is a marble statute of Huck Finn. He is also made in Italy and  also on a marble pedestal. Both statues are from the late 1800's and are almost 3 feet tall. I love them both and I placed  them so they can be seen side by side, yet seperated. Huck is facing the Mississippi River, which is very apporiate and he has a straw hat and a fishing pole. Ruth has  wheat in her hands as she often would go work in the fields.
   I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy having them. Please drop by anytime for a tour, I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning my Dear friend..Oh I love the Ruth one the elegant and pretty Richard of course I woud take either one ha ha!! Love your house and all your wonderful one of a kind things..Congrats again on the mag and you know I will buy it, send it to you and have you autograph it for me ha ha!! Give sissy some fur love from me..Hugs and smiles Gloria

lvroftiques said...

Sheesh've been holding out on me! *winks* Oh boy do I love your Ruth! Well Huck isn't too bad either lol! If you EVER want to part with them? You already know I'm your girl. And I'm sooo excited for you! A ten page spread? That's HUGE! I can't wait to get my hot little hands on that issue and book....Hey like Gloria, do you think I could get your autograph? *winks* Vanna

lvroftiques said...

P.S. Ruth is screaming 1920' favorite time period *winks* V

LydiaO said...

Richard that is awesome!!

Sissysmom said...

Cannot wait to get my issue!! Congratulations!!

Divine Theatre said...

This post didn't show up on my dashboard?!
I subscribed to the magazine so I wouldn't miss it!
You have impeccable taste, my friend!
Kiss Sissy!



Holt House said...

Love them both but especially Huck!

lvroftiques said...

Richard Christine at Christine's Home And Travel Adventures is featuring a tour of a Mississippi bankers house. I thought you might like it.I sure did! Vanna

xinex said...

These are beautiful, Richard. Ilove them!...Christine

Brigitte said...

Good morning Richard,
These marble figures with their size really make a statement !!
The placement of them both are well thought out and add special interest because it draws one's eye right away to the next room wondering what that room has to offer ?...and it has some wonderful surprises as well.
You had mentioned that you'll get some Victorian Homes magazines and if some of us would like to have one you'll put one aside.Could you please add me to your list if you have some not spoken for ...of course signed :-) BIG smile
I have startet a subscription but don't know when that is starting and I sure don't want to miss it.A 10-page layout...juhuuu Richard.Congratulations again !! can't wait.

Anyes K. Busby - Studio Vignette Fine Art said...

Very nice to be welcomed into either parlors by those two handsome figures, I like the marble pedestals as well.