Sunday, February 20, 2011


   Well it's official, I'm and old Fart. Today when I went to take the photos for this post, I dropped the camera and broke it. What can I say??? I just dropped it right on the floor and that was all she wrote. So I had to get into the car and drive 35 miles ( as I live in the middle of nowhere) each way, to Walmart and get a new camera. Besides the money, I just hate to get any thing new, I like using the old one, as I knew how. Now, I  had to read the directions, well at least the first few pages. The first half of this blog the pictures were taken  with the old camera, the second half with the new. See if you can tell the difference.
   I share My Old Historic House with the "Others." Thats what I call all my bisque porcelain figurines. I have had a passion for them as long as I can remember. It started big time after I took the  first trip to Natchez,Mississippi, one of the tour homes there had a large collection of them. After that I was hooked. I started out with small ones and soon sold them off for bigger and better. I think I might sell Sissy Dog for the right pair. I did put my foot down recently, when a pair was going at auction, they were 3 feet tall and I raised my paddle far to many times. I was ,thank God, finally outbid at $3500.00. Maybe next time.?.? "Does you know, how hard it is to get $3500.00 today?" "I does!"
   Bisque porcelain is un-glazed, white ware that is hard fired, non- porious, and translucent. All manufacturers of bisque porcelain collectiables are unanimous in their approach to each product as a work of art. Quality begins with the design and is controlled throughout the process, which can take several months from the time it is first sketched by an artist, until it reaches a collectors hand.
   In Europe, French ,German,Italian and England all produced bisque porcelain figures. I love the French, but they are usually much more money as compared to the German. And of course the bigger they are, the more rare they are. I understand the large ones had a tendancy to explode while being fired, so a smaller number was produced.

Life size busts of Prince and Princess from Austria

A rare pair of ladies, what is your guess?

I just love the details

A true lady with her fan

A Royal couple from Italy

Every detail is wonderfull.

A French Bust of a Gentleman

A very sweet face

A  French bust of a Lady

Love her dress pattern

Largest  pair of French stautes that I own,  30 inches tall

Holding a Bird

A large Royal Couple, made by Meissen in Germany

Detail of the floor

Romeo and Juliet

A French couple

A couple from Italy

A Gyspy Couple

And , Me and Sissy  Dog ! Sorry I look like I am scared to death. I just hate having my picture made, as it looks just like me. I always want it to look like  some one else, say Brad Pitt!?!
   Nothing makes me smile more than a sweet face and my bisque figures all seem to have a sweet face. I hope you enjoy my roommates as much as I do. How could they not be loved??


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh sorry about the camera... That would seem to be a bit of my act... I like using what I am use to also but I would like to learn more about my computer... I know quite abit but I would like to know more about fixing them... Need mini lessons in what I want to learn...I love seeing and hearing about sissy dog...

Stacy Leigh said...

I think your new pictures look pretty good! I am impressed! That's a bummer about your old one. I hate that! Sissy is priceless you know so don't trade her for anything less than a few million. :)

victorian parlor II said...

Sorry to hear about the camera! Your figurines are gorgeous! To answer the question you left on one of my posts-my reenactor friends don't travel as far as I know but I will ask:). We would have a blast at your beautiful historic home!



Brigitte said...

Hi Richard,
First of all I am so sorry about your camera,being a camera buff myself I can truly relate.My camera's have usually broken down just around Christmas time when I take most pictures.
But it's good to see your face,it's a wonderful picture of you and Sissy dog even though you didn't smile :-)
Your collection of these most desirable Bisque figurines are Museum pieces !! I love the french but also of course the Meissen pieces.It would be extremely hard to pick a favorite.
I am happy for you that they're bringing you so much joy.Your taste is exquisite my friend :-)

Marcia said...

Richard, you are a natural blogger! You were made for blogging, I believe. The images are wonderful, whatever camera you were using. My love to Sissygirl today!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry about the camera - sounds like something I would do..
Thanks for sharing your pretty collection.
I do not like to have my pic. taken - never did.

Divine Theatre said...

I think the new camera takes better photographs, my friend. I can see why you love those figures so passionately. Each has the soul of its creator, I think.
Thanks for posting the photo of you and Miss Sissy! Now I know who to look for when I am in town! I absolutely HATE having my photo taken. Hate it!

lvroftiques said...

Gotta agree with Glenda, that sounds just like something I would do. Sorry bout that Richard! I know it's a pain to start over with a new fangled device *winks* I STILL haven't figured out how to use my camera...and it's old! Lol!
Ok those figurals are TDF!!! That french couple....*dreamy* Be still my heart! No wonder you love looking at their beautiful (Not so little) charming faces! Who wouldn't?!! Sometimes it really is a privilege to be a caretaker of beautiful old things isn't it? And I think you look very handsome!...Just like I thought you'd look *winks* Hugs and kisses to Sissy Girl! Vanna

Nancy said...

I am sorry about the camera but better than dropping sweet Sissy Dog. I dropped my Canon film SLR once but was I ever lucky. It landed on the edge of the filter which took the worst of it. There is nothing wrong with your photo at all but I imagine most of us have times when we wish we looked like someone else. At this point in my life, I would settle for looking like myself 30 years ago!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Sorry about your camera Richard..I had to get a new one about a year ago..also drop mine..I hate when that happens..
Richard yours killing me here with all these things I can't have ha ha!!
I loved seeing your sweet face my Dear friend..and like winks you look just like I thought you would..Hey and were not old were antiques ha ha!! Give that sissy girl some lovin from me..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Richard! Sorry about your camera! I HATE figuring out new stuff! And I love your frenchy! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

You did Fantastic with your new camera. It would have taken me a LOT LONGER reading the instructions... LOVE those statues. I was trying to pick out a favorite, AND "That is impossible"! SO I'm going to say my favorite thing is your picture of you and your Sweet little Sissy! "Priceless"!
Do you see that the French statues "SHOULD" merit a higher price? From looking at the pictures they seem of equal quality??? I will NOW keep an eye out for them... Thank you for sharing. Oh and I LOVE that you call them "The Others"! (that is one of my favorite movies)
Have a wonderful week,

xinex said...

Love the pictures your new camera took but I love the subjects even more...Christine