Monday, February 28, 2011

My Store Bought Relatives

18th Century Portrait of a Lady, American

Love her Hat!

Love her Hat, Lace and Roses.

This is the Little Girl I bought at Chicago Antique Show

Her Dress and Roses are wonderful

A handsome 18th Century American Gentleman

I think he is handsome.

Love her pose.

Detail of her cloths

  We saw his brother earlier.

I call her my Rich Aunt Julia!

She Might be my favorite.

Love her gold jewerly.

She has a beautiful face,too!

My Uncle of Great Wealth and Importance.

Doesn't he look Important and Wealthy?

A 18th Century, French Beauty.

She has beautiful complexion, so pale and soft..

Maybe Me  when I was a little boy???

I sure am sweet!

A handsome American Business man.

A Creole from New Orleans

Love her feather and pearls

18th  Century American Grand Lady

She is the Grand Dame of them all. The first formal oil portrait that I ever bought. I paid $300.00 and was very excited and nervous.

Love her lace and jewerly

I just think she is the bomb.

20th century Grand Society Dame.

Love her cross and rose and fur collar.

I call this little sweet child, Bonnie Blue, after Bonnie in Gone With The Wind.

A Mother that some one loved very much!

Nice Dress!!!

What a sweet pea.

Her name is Anjelica.

Could be President of the South, Jefferson Davis?

My Bestest, 17th century English Beautiful Lady

Just love her colors, and she looks so pretty in my room with the Toile wallpaper.

Such a wonderful face.

   When I first started out collecting for My Old Historic House, AKA,The 1845 Historic Elgin/Cottrell House Museum, I had lots and lots of Victorian Prints. They were really fun and by artist like Paul DeLongpre,Chandlers and Prange, to mention a few. I had lots of them with children and animal themes. One day while walking around the house I made the statement that I would like to replace them all with formal oil portraits. so, that is just what I did. As I found a portrait, I will sell off a couple of the prints. I remember the first portrait I ever bought. It was for $300.00. I was nervous, excited and scared, all at the same time. Everything was up hill after that. The price seemed to go up and up with every one that I bought. I  remember one that I bought at the Chicago Antique Show, I was there with a friend, when I paid for it, I made the comment,"You've come along way from the farm."You see I grew up on a farm in Missouri. I am from a very large family, 5 brothers and a sister. We were really country and sometimes I don't know where my taste comes from. I would say the milk man, but we didn't have our milk delivered. Maybe the post man?????
      I love formal  oil portraits. They all seem to tell a story. I like to name them and give them histories. I have tour all the time at the Elgin/Cottrell house and one question that people always ask is, "Are these portraits of your ancestors?"I always tell the same story. "They are store bought ancestors!" My family was poor and we could not afford to have portraits painted, so when I got older and had money I went out and bought some. Thus the term,"Store bought Ancestors."
     Some of the details are beautiful. Some have pretty faces, others are kinda ugly. But, I loves them anyhow. I hope you enjoy them too. Thanks for stopping by,My Old Historic House, come by for a tour anytime, I will leave the lights on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.


ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Richard, your portraits are wonderful! I like them all. I have three large family portraits from the turn of the century in beautiful gold frames. Yours are beautiful!

lvroftiques said...

Richard they are fabulous! The one of the little girl is exquisite! I'm pretty sure they look a lot better than any of my ancestors did *winks* With the exception of my Grandmother who's painting you can see in my current post. I'm sure that each one has a special story. Can you imagine somone in the family of one of your store bought ancestors NOT wanting them? How did they come to be lost? But it's so wonderful that you found them! They couldn't have a better home. Vanna

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Quiet a family you have there. :D Thanks for sharing.

Divine Theatre said...

I love your stories, Richard!
I was orphaned at the age of seven and was raised by the state. I have no idea where I got my taste from either! (Assuming I have any, LOL!)
Smooch Sissy for us!


Marcia said...

These portraits are all wonderful; I don't think I could choose a favorite if I had to! I love the idea of 'store-bought ancestors' clever. I agree with Vanna--how do people give away these wonderful treasures?! But they certainly found the perfect home, and they should be very proud of their 'descendant'!

andrew1860 said...

Hi Richard this is a impressive collection of oil portraits. I also collect portrait and when you get the bug it is hard to stop buying them.

Bohemian said...

Love your Store Bought Relative idea and what a Family they are! My Dad was Native American and thus there were never any photos of most of the Ancestors, or even of him and his Family growing up (very poor on the Rez)... and so, when I was a child and would see Old West Tribal Photos of proud Warriors and beautiful Indian Maidens I would always imagine some of them COULD BE relatives... I had a very fertile imagination. As for my Style and 'taste' (or lack thereof, winks) the apple didn't fall far from the tree... my Home looks very much like what I grew up around and cherished... long line of Bohemian Spirits.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Brigitte said...

your collection is amazing and I love the idea of you naming then your "Store Bought Relatives " The details in those paintings draws me back again and again to take a second or third look.When I imagine
how spellbound you must be when you're spotting yet another one somewhere to buy.I can see how much enjoyment these bring to you just walking around in your lovely home....I know I would.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow, Richard! Love your "relatives'...gorgeous paintings! My aunt collects old family photos she finds at thrift stores and calls them her new family! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Richard I love the "Family" of yours...The one with the lace is just beautiful like you can see through the lace and see her dress..I love Rubens women and have some nudes in my house ha ha!! Oh we don't show them blogging...Give that Sissy gir some fur lovin from me..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Shirley said...

Oh how lucky to have such a large family of store bought relatives..the best kind to have. This looks like one intersting group of folks..

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Beautiful collection! If you are ever in need of new relatives, the Save Our Heritage Organisation in San Diego is interested in selling a very large 1830's double portrait that has hung in the Historic Whaley House museum for 60 years. We recently discovered that the portraits is NOT of those claimed to be, i.e. members of the family, so unfortunately, as there is not family connection it cannot remain in the museum. We'd sure love for them to find a new home in a proper Victorian residence! Any takers?

Mrs. D said...

I always enjoy your blog Richard! You keep us entertained and educated with your posts. Love the family portraits--all your oil paintings are so beautiful. Love the close up details.

Mrs. D