Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Globes De Mariee Project (Wedding Dome)

     Several years ago I bought this French Bisque Bride and Groom Doll, Wedding Cake topper, at an antique shop in New York. I just loved the two little dolls all done up in there best French cloths with white wigs and the whole nine yards. I have had them in a cabinet all these years. I also bought a piece of a Victorian Wedding Dome, know in France as a Globes De Mariee. It is a brass oval with florals, leaves and birds attached to it. I would say some one broke the dome, so they just sold the insides. I have had this hanging on my front door for months in the palce of a floral wreath. Also in my collection of wonderful toys was a minature portrait of a Victorian Lady, a old Velvet Hat Flower and a wonderful Tombore Lace curtain panel.
   Recently I sold ,Ms. Gloria at Happy To Be Gloria ,  ,  a Wedding Dome. She has a post on her Blog right now about that adventure. You see, it was lost in the US Postal system for almost 30 days. It did finally get to her and was not broke, which I can hardly believe. Well- she just loves it. Before that, Ms. Vanna from Delusions of Grandeur,  did a very beautiful blog post all about her Globes De Mariee and told a wonderful story about the history of these Wedding Domes. So all this attention to Wedding Domes got me thinking and  I got busy today and made my version of one. I used a dome that I have had for awhile. It is a very old Wedding Dome from France,but it was rather plain and simple inside. So I took all my treasures and put them together to re-create a wonderful,( I think it is), Wedding Dome.

My old French very plain Wedding Dome.

My collection of goodies.

Can you see where I am going here?

 Antique Tambore Lace  curtain panel

Hand Painted Victorian Minature of a Lady

My little French  Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

A Velvet Hat Flower.

A piece of a Victorian Wedding Dome.

My Re- Created Wedding Dome.

I really like the way it turned out. I ususally do not like to make over Antiques, but I think this was a good thing.
   I have posted photos of the dome as it was along with all the parts and pieces before they were added together. And then finally a photo of the finished project. I  have a rather large collection of Victorian Domes. Some are  Wedding Domes other have Birds, Wax Flowers and various other things inside. When I figure out how to take better pictures of them, I will do a post about them. I hope you enjoy my new -old Globes De Mariee.
    I am so sorry everone but I am not selling this dome right now. Please don't hold it against me. I know, I know, But I just can't help it!!!!!


Marcia said...

Your creation is just wonderful! You have THE TOUCH, Richard! Someone is going to want to buy it, I'm certain. Then you will get to do the whole shipping-of-a-dome experience again.

ornamentsbypink said...

You did a beautiful job Richard!
I LOVE the bride and groom! They are gorgeous!!

Divine Theatre said...

You are, by far, the most talented human being I have had the pleasure of knowing! I cannot WAIT to meet you in person and see your lovely home!


Stacy Leigh said...

Pretty cool Richard! It turned out stun gun gorgeous!!! :) I'm so lucky to have you near! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Richard. This is amazing!

Today, I heard they are sandbagging Clarksville! How are you doing?

victorian parlor II said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! I don't blame you for not selling it:).



Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

It's indeed beautiful my Dear Richard..You did an awesome job on this..and what do you mean it's not for sale ha ha !! Think of me next time you do have one for sale..I just ordered one from the other day just the pillow no dome..Hugs and smiles to you and Sissy girl, Gloria

xinex said...

You did really good, Richard! It looks marvelous!...Christine

Brigitte said...

I agree with everyone,a wonderful job dear Richard !!