Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Any Body Care For A Drink?

   Many years ago,when I first started entertaining in my home, I soon learned that  good plastic glasses were not  only ugly, but expensive. If I had to use them, I like the hi-ball size, in a heavy clear plastic and they can cost several dollars for only 25. Well I suspose one could wash them and re-use them, but they get cloudy and all scratched up. And re-used plastic glass are  really tacky.
   I have always had a love for Antique Colored Art Glass. During all my years of antique collecting adventures, I discovered the colored art glass tumbler. Usually part of a 7 piece  water set,but often they were sold seperate  as  one was broken or for what ever reason. When I first got the idea to collect them and use them at my parties for drink glasses, they  were very reasonable and I could often pick one up for a few dollars. In the 70's and 80's. the height of the Victorian Antique price market, they would sometimes sell for up to $100.00 ea. Well I bought very few in those years. Having collected over 100 through the years ,I didn't need one that bad to pay that much for one. I see them now in shops, tag sales. fea markets at a very cheap price. Often only $1.00 to $5.00 each. I do not often buy them now days, unless they are really pretty.
   All these tumblers can take up a lot of room when you have to store them between uses. I started storeing them in my windows, not only do they add color and charm, but gets them out of the way.
  They sure look pretty on a silver tray at a party. I put a cut glass pitcher with my drink of choice along with a ice bucket and let the party begin. They are just the right size for a high-ball,puch,lemonaide or what ever you might want to serve. They can go in the dish washer if you have a low setting. They are sure pretty and fun and in the end you are saving money on plastic glasses, they are always ready to use and  by using them instead of plastic, you are going green.
A silver tray and colored art glass tumblers ready for the party.

See all  the colors ,designs and textures.

Amberian glass with enamel flowers.

A dark green with colorful daisys.

Cranberry opalesent hobnail.

Maple Leaf pattern on green opalesent.

Blue and white coin dot.


Storage in the window.

Pretty when the light comes through.

More color in the windows.

Very colorfull display for any party.

Look how pretty they look on the silver tray with my silver Pheasants in the back ground. No other centerpiece is needed.

1845 Historic Elgin / Cottrell house Museum, on the banks of the Mississippi River, in Clarksville,Mo.
  Start collecting them right away. You'll be glad you did. Bargins are out there, so take your time and buy well. You will be surprised how fast the build up. Put them in your windows, dispaly on a silver tray, what ever you do with them they are fun and colorful. They will be a hit at all your parties. I sometimes use them down the center of my table with glass votive cups and candles inside. They are so pretty all a glow. They even have the LED battery votives now, so the fun is endless. Hope you enjoy my collection. Or come on by for a drink. I will leave the porch light on and Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.
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Stacy Leigh said...

Very, very pretty!! Just lovely!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I love mixed china.. glasses... and oh so pretty...

andrew1860 said...

Your collection of glass is beautiful! I'm sure I have seen them before but have not noticed Victorian colored glass like yours. I understand what you mean about plastic. I love early 19th century American flint glass and French & English cut crystal also from this period. When I first started collecting in the 1990's I paid Hundreds for pieces but now a days I pay a dollar or a few dollars for the same pieces I was paying a lot more for. Also every body in my house gets a antique linen napkin.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

I think putting these glasses in the windows is a great idea! I bet they look beautiful with the light coming through them. Who needs stained glass? :-)


lvroftiques said...

Richard you really do have the best collections!! And I agree so much better than tacky plastic glasses. Each and every one special in its own way. I really love the cranberry ones and I also love those silver pheasants!!
I hope you'll share what you found out shopping. I've had a really slow week for bargains...I'm spending all my buck-o's with you! Lol! At least I know I'm getting great stuff for my money! *winks*
Looks like my blog is up and back to normal *swipes brow* I was getting more than a little nervous there for a moment. I'll be posting my finds tomorrow evening. Hope you'll stop by for a visit? And this blogging stuff really is habbit forming isn't it? *winks* Vanna

Bohemian said...

Richard I'm loving this collection, make my drink in the Cranberry Hobnail please! *wink* I have a few pieces and a question... I did find that in some of my very old pieces I had to take care that the drinks served were neither too cold or too hot because of the fragility of the old glass (cracking with temp extremes)... are there some that hold up better than others? Granted, I too have gotten mine at such a bargain I just replace those that have a mishap, but they're so pretty I hate for any of them to have an unfortunate demise.

Thanks for stopping by the Heart Box Post, yes, Binky makes beautiful pieces so I had to put the word out about her lovely Art creations, she and her partner Ron are also the nicest of people.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Richard Cottrell said...

Ms.Bohemian,Thanks for dropping by. If you use the glasses with ice cold drinks, you never want to put them right into hot water. They will break. Always let them warm up befor washing in hot water. If they are really hot, right out of the dish washer, I would not put ice cold in them at that time, I would let them cool down.I have never servered hot drinks in them. If I use a dish washer, I do it on warm or cold. Should not have a problem if you follow these rules. Thanks again. Richard

xinex said...

Cute glasses, Richard! I meant to tell you that I got the rose place card holders and really like them. I did not have a chance to blog about them cause I left right after for FL, so I just opened the box and unwrapped them and put them away. You wrapped them so nicely too and I appreciate that. Thank you so much, Richard!...Christine

Brigitte said...

Richard,this is a very good way to collect glasses very reasonably just one by one as found.It makes a statement all by itself displaying different colors,heights and patterns.It's fun to collect as the hunt goes on.
I also collect and display single glasses in different shapes mostly wineglasses in clear,ruby,cranberry and gold.My collection is still small but looked great on a silverplate tray during Christmas season with just a few sprigs of balsam.
Thanks for sharing.