Monday, January 31, 2011

eau de Toilette ( Dresser Accessories)

    Of all the items we have  from our family, most of them are  usually silver or sterling. I do not know how many times, I have admired a sterling comb and brush set, and the owner would say,"that was my mother." Or how about a dresser jar or pin tray? I have always had a thing for these little goodies. I have a big  pile, in all my guest rooms. The onces I am sharing with you in this post are found on a Victorian Marble top dresser in my blue guest room. I love this setting , as above there is a wonderful painting of a beautiful young girl with roses at her bust. The dresser items, are  flanked on one side ,by a pair of German Bisque figures, of Romeo and Juliet and the other by a painted Gone With The Wind oil lamp.In  the back ground  there is a wonderful framed French Folding Fan with feather trim. The bed  in this room, faces this dresser, and when my guest wake up ,they see this wonderful grouping and on each side of it, is a  window with a breathtaking view, of the Mighty Mississippi River.This type of collection is always fun to add to. It is easy to pick up a little special item on a trip or just at a local tag sale. They are at there best when they are all polished. You all, are  very lucky, as I shined them just for this post.
A collection of sterling dresser accessories.

Used by Victorian ladies daily.

The workmanship is beautiful on items of that period.

Face Fan with Ivory handle and feathers.

A Victorian Calling Card.

 A  very special piece.

French 18th century hand painted fan with feather trim.

German bisque statues of Rameo and Juilet.

One of my favorite paintings.

Gone  With The wind Oil lamp.

Notice how the boarder matches the girls dress in the painting.
   Stop by any time for a tour. I will leave the porch light on. And Sissy Dog will meet you with a jump and a kiss.


Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

You keep your silver so nicely polished and bright. Very beautiful displays, Richard!

Richard Cottrell said...

Thanks Pam, I just polished it for this post.Thanks for stopping by. Richard

lvroftiques said...

Very beautiful Richard! I really appreciate you polishing all your lovlies. ....Want to polish some more? *winks* That powder puff is so cool! And love that portrait! Vanna

xinex said...

You sure have lots of exquisite pieces, Richard. Love the Romeo and Juliet.....Christine

Martha said...

You have a wonderful collection --- I do love dressing tables that sparkle!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

How beautiful! I love old silver! It has such a wonderful patina! I hope you are having a great week! Hello to Sissy Dog!...Debbie

Sweet Old Vintage said...

You certainly have a collection of lovely items. I am unable to afford to collect like in the past due to retirement and requiring expensive meds after heart attack... Miss some of the buying but still enjoy looking and I do hav some lovely objects so still very content in life... I love that puff.... Are you doing well with the selling? I sold on ebay for several years but haven't due to the raise in fees... I rather miss selling however and sure miss the little extra spending money...I have the back bedroom ready for a sale this spring with smaller items I can part with however... Very very cold here but we made it through the snow storm very well.... Blessings..

ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Richard, the silver looks beautiful, but my favorite is that oil lamp! I love pink!