Monday, January 10, 2011

Cherubs And Putti

A Large German Meissen Cherub Compote from the Down River Parlor.
  Cherub or Putti, is a figure of a human baby or toddler, almost always male, always naked and having wings, found especially in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art. The  figure derives from ancient art,but was rediscovered in Allegorical,non-literal figures and latter in Christian Art.
   Cherubs  or Putti are associated with Aplrodite and so with Romance,Love and also with Heaven, Peace,Prosperity and Leisure. No wonder we all love them.
   Putti is a Latin word,"PUTUS," meaning little man. Not so much babies-they are not human,but spirtual beings,winged little people of mostly undetermind gender.
 Cherub or Putti art, came to represent the precense of God. They have been painted since the 13th Century.
  A Cherub is sometimes thought of as a divine being-often mentioned in the Bible, usually understood as a high ranking Angel.
   In modern English, the word, Cherub, is usually used for what are strickly baby or toddler Angels in art.
   No matter what the meaning, Cherub or Putti are very addictive. Some what like drugs. The more one has of them, the more they want. I want it, I have to have it, I can not live with out it. It is almost impossible for me to turn one down.

Large German Meissen Figure Group of  Angels and Cherubs from Entrance Hall.

Beaded  Framed French Needlepoint in Up River Parlor.

Italian Capa De Monte Figure Group of Aplrodite and Putti on Entrance Hall Table.

Pir French Bronge Cherub Candle Holders from Mantle in Up River Parlor.

Entrance Hall, Lee Jofa Wallpaper.

Pair German Bisque Plaques from Powder Room.

French Fireplace Screen, Down River Parlor.

French Carved Wood Gold Gilt Pedestal.

French Sevres Box.

German Meissen Figure Group.

Meissen Cherub Shoes.

French Old Paris Fan Vase.

Etergee in Purple Guest Room With German Meissen.

Italian Majolica Urn on Pedestal from Up River Parlor.

French Terra Cotta Bust  from Library.

German Dresden Lamp in Purple Guest Room.

Dining Room Wallpaper Boarder by Raymond Waites.

Pair German Dresden Candle Holders from Master Bed Room Mantle.

 Italian Carved Wood with Gold Gilt  Sconce in Up River Parlor.

Plates I use for parties from Nieman Marcus.

A Verson of a large German Meissen Compote in the Down River Parlor.
    Designers and Decorators have been using Cherubs and Putti for years. They are found in art,candle holders,clocks,china, furniture,wallpaper, needlepoint and every part of the interior and exterior of a home. I am no exception. I have been collecting them for years. Almost every room in my home has a least one, and most rooms have several..
  I hope you enjoy seeing my collection as much as I enjoyed collecting it. And I am sure I am far from done collecting.
  Please check out my on line store. Thanks and enjoy shopping.   Note you must leave the "second r" out of Richard.Its a long story, I will share someday.


Divine Theatre said...

I need that Raymond Waites wallpaper border! Alas! I looked and looked online and cannot find it!
Your house is stunning!

Divine Theatre said...

Oh! Come on over to my blog and see my angels! I posted them today...they represent about 1/3 of what I have. You're right, it is addictive!


lvroftiques said...

Haaaaa! I feel like I've found the hidden treasure of the internet! Oh be still my heart! I'm having a cherub-gasm! Sorry to be crude...but I am!! Oh Richard what a beautiful collection you have! I don't even know where to begin....The meissen figurals are amazing....That cherub table holding the french clock backed by that fabulous wallpaper!! I want to cart right outta your house *winks*...Well I NEED it more than you! As well as the german plaques in your bathroom...Will they fit in my big purse? Is the one with the two little cherubs with the bird an inkwell? It looks like that little pot could be used for that maybe?....Oh and the candelabras!! Yummyyy!! I had a very similar dresden parlor lamp to yours that I sold and now wish I hadn't. I keep spotting things all over blogaritaville that I've sold and it's giving me sellers remorse something fierce! Oh well there's always the next treasure right around the corner *winks* Vanna

Sea Witch said...

Just discovered your blog via My Garden Antiques. Love your cherubs post and so timely as I have just recently acquired some pretty little cherub items. I look forward to your future posts. Sea Witch

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

How could anyone NOT love them? I have to say that my favorite version of yours is the Lee Jofa's magnificent.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...


WOW! What a magnificent collection! It would take me 10 lifetimes to amass all the beautiful cherubs and putti you have... as well as all your other amazingly beautiful things! Your wallpaper, everywhere in your home, is so lovely. Where do you find your sources for wallpaper and antiques?

Richard, I'm glad you found my blog. I can't wait to find out more about you and your beautiful Old Historic House.


Eileen @ Marie CasaBella said...

Thanks for the history of the cherubs and putti. I really like your collection and it is enhanced so beautifully by the backgrounds of wall paper and antique furniture. Well done!


Cass @ That Old House said...

I am thrilled that you found That Old House, and thrilled to have found YOUR old historic house myself. I just spent WAY too much time reading back, and back, and back, in your posts.
Love your tour guides -- beautiful. Your Italianate house is spectacular, and how wonderful that she fell into your hands; you are clearly the perfect caretaker of her history and her future.
I look forward to reading more!

lvroftiques said...

Richard I want to thank you for giving me your opinion on my armoire. Of all the comments I received I think yours was the best advice. I'm going to white it up and see if I like it better. My husband says you're our own Michael Payne *winks* (From the show designiong for the sexes) We were both impressed by your comment. Vanna

Piney Rose said...

I love anything with cherubs. I can't keep everything, so I hunt, I find, and I sell! Just sold a pretty gold casket box with glass top and a cherub at each corner.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

OMG Ok let me clean the drool off my keyboard Richard...I think I have died and gone to heaven to see all this beauty is beyond words my friend...I need to make a trip to see all this in person..I adored this post Richard..THANKS YOU...Hugs and smiles Gloria

lvroftiques said...

Well I know I "done good" when you think so Richard *winks* I came back to enjoy some more cherub-ness. Hope you and that Sissy girl have a great weekend! Vanna