Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aesthetic Movement Portfolio

     If you are a fan of the American Aesthetic Movement or not, most likely you will like this charming little piece. Those Victorians,they came up with the most wonderful things. This is called a Portfolio, and was made to hold drawings, magazines, sheet music or any other paper items that would be looked over in the parlor for intertainment. After all, there was no TV or Computers in those days.
   The Aesthetic Movement, is a 19th century European Movement, that emhasized Aesthetic values over moral or social themes in literature,fine art,the decorative arts and interior design.
    It belongs to the Anti-Victorian reaction and had post - Romantic roots, and as such, anticipates modernism. It took place in the late Victorian period from 1860 to 1900. Yet some people feel it was the height of the Victorian period.
   The Aesthetic Movement in furniture is characterized by several common items.
A. Ebonized wood with gilt highlights.
B. Japaneese  influence.
C. Prominent use of nature, especially flowers,birds,gingo leaves and peacock feathers.
D. Compination of black and fine wood.
E. Carved decorations
F. Dore' bronze  ornaments.
   When trade opened up with Japan in the 1850's, the Japanese influence was very strong in Victorian America and often found in this movement.
   I found this wonderful little piece at a local tag sale. It was in pieces and the sellers had no clue what it was. I worked with it and determined it was all there. I made a deal and bought the pile of stuff, as they wrote on my sales ticket, for $25.00. I have a wonderful person, who can do most any thing with wood. He put it back together, along with my direction and here it is today.
  The Aesthic Movement is not a favorite of mine, but have to admit, a sweet little piece like this, can change my mind. No Victorian home could be complete with out a least one example of this movement. I am glad this is mine.When I have tours of My Old Historic House, this item always raised interest, and I can see why.
  Sissy Dog was very excited last night when I was trying to get a good picture. This piece was very hard to get just right. I also noticed this morning when working on this post, it sure could use a good dusting. It is amazing what will show up in a picture. I always try to cary a dust cloth in my back pocket when I give tours. Someone always ask,who cleans this place, and I pull out the cloth and say, help your self.So if dust bothers you, you might be in the wrong place.

Walnut and Ebbonized Wood Portfolio.

Beautiful Carved Burl Walnut Panels.

With the panels up, they drop down and have brass chain to hold them.

Close up of the walnut panel.

Bottom Panel Down.

Detail of the side construction.

Gilt decoration.

Sissy Dog.
  Drop by any time for a tour. I will leave the porch light on and Sissy Dog will welcome you with a jump and a kiss.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Lovely old piece.Sending you a pat on the head Sissy dog..

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Love this piece also Richard..give the fur baby sme loving for me..Too cute..Let me know about the dome my friend..I just pray it makes it back to you in one piece..Holding breath on my end..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Divine Theatre said...

You could tie a dist cloth to Sissy's tail and when she does the "happy wag" she can dust at the same time! LOL!

lvroftiques said...

Richard the aesthetic movement isn't my favorite either, but that sure is one charming piece! What a STEAL! Can't say I've seen one exactly like it. And I do have quite a few pieces that are
Eastlake victorian. They just seem to creep up on me! *winks* Vanna

victorian parlor II said...

It's gorgeous!!! Wow, what a find! I collect brown and white transferware and love the Aesthetic Movement pieces the best. Thanks for sharing the history and your wonderful find!



Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

I really DO love Aesthetic, Eastlake, Gothic and Renaissance revival! I like the dark ebonized woods best, and the simpler lines. This is an excellent piece! I've seen them before, and they usually sell for a LOT of money! You have a great eye for great deals!