Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pictures of My Country Kitchen.

My kitchen fire place with Staffordshire.

Staffordshire dogs on the jelly cupboard.

The little Princess on a Staffordshire dog.

Bessie the Cow.

Cow Creamers.

A wall in my Country Kitchen.

German Meissen.

Some of my Childrens Chairs.

Italian Life Sized Chikens on the Island.

English Spode.

Some of my Brass Scales.

Gigham Curtains with French Brass Valances and Tie backs.

I love Baskets.

American Blue and Gray crockery.

Mine and Sissy;s  Chair..


Stacy Leigh said...

Wow!! I am blown away! It is so awesome!!! :)

twight said...

Your blog is looking great! You are an expert!

lvroftiques said...

Oh wow! Your collection of staffordshire took my breath away! And the cow creamers are so charming! Richard I'm afraid you're blog is going to spurn on my collecting madness *winks* So I hope my hubby will understand.....that it's all your fault! Haha! Vanna

Heather said...

I LOVE the cow creamers. Sorry to post this on your blog but I'm afraid to wait till I can get to Facebook to post you this question. Do you know of anyone who does basket repair? Seeing all the baskets in your kitchen makes me think that you might. Dad used to work on baskets before the stroke. I have a basket that has been a part of my mother's family and also plays a part in the history of Salem Baptist Church. The handle is broken though and needs repaired. Looking for someone to help with that. You can email if you have any thoughts. Thanks!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Richard you have some amazing collections! Love the cow creamers and your German Meissen!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

OMG Richard.
I am a third generation antique dealer. My mother and grandmother would go bananas for your collections of Meissen crocks and your baskets.
I personnaly want to come and snatch up all your Staffordshire pieces! HUge weakness for me.
Did I see you too are a dealer?
Where is your shop?
OMG. I am loving every inch of your kitchen
So much to see and LOVE or covet or want or ???!!!
You have amazing collections!

angelo h said...

You have a very beautiful kitchen place. So nice to cook in there. :)

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